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Single Parents: Hat’s off to you!

First of all, Sinlge parents, I don’t know how you do it…but, hat’s off to you!

Typically, it’s the boys and me most of the day 5 days a week. I look forward to the weekends when I have a partner in crime who can help me stay on top of the chaos in our house or at least someone who can empathize with my feeling like I’m going crazy from all the yelling, commotion, and just general “boy-ness” that goes on.

This weekend, was a solo mission.


This was required!


Saturday was an 8 mile run day….a lot of chores, errand running, a hobby lobby trip that would later turn into re-painting/re-doing the school room adventure.  


Why not do hills and steps after a long day spent running amok with the boys! 😉 

If you are looking for a way to tucker your little people out while also getting in a great workout in a not a lot of time….stairs/hills are the answer!  They walked up and down the hills while I ran and at the end Trout thought it would be fun for me to give him a pony ride for my last 2 rounds 😉


Saturday night consisted of me patching our walls, prepping, and then finally getting to paint.  Our school room has lost it’s luster with it’s manilla envelope color walls and lack of organization.  I bought a new rug, a white board, chalk board, and cleaned up….I am super happy about how it turned out!  Bodhi was a real help too! he stayed up late with me last night and helped me paint…can I just say…I LOVE the one on one time I get with both of my boys.  Something magical happens when they fly solo and are able to just be themselves..not each other’s brother, (which they love, but they need reprieve once in a while).


Today was equally as busy!  You all, I don’t normally like to brag…after all, what I do….is really not difficult compared to the rest of the world.  But, BUT, I ran 11, (well actually 12) miles pushing the boys in the stroller on some wet sandy roads…I felt like one tough momma.  


Flying solo, as a parent, either means you get really chummy with your treadmill…or saddling up the stroller with two boys loaded with snacks, water, iPods, and dogs with ample amounts of water and ponds to jump in when needed.  


Running with my stroller is the only way I know how to get a run in as well as taking my dogs out, letting the boys breath some fresh air while they wait on me to finish a run, (which they don’t get to do if I’m on a treadmill), and it allows me to honor that part inside of me that wants both of my worlds to get along harmoniously, (i.e. motherhood & marathon running).  I love that my boys are being raised seeing that being active is not just good for the body, but good for the soul; they definitely see that when I’m all smiles after a run like today 😉


Potty training is really happening this time, in case we didn’t have enough going on this weekend.  I love summertime for potty training.  Time outside means diapers/cloths off…pee where you want kind of affair; no muss, no fuss.  Bodhi learned how to potty train during the summer.  I apologize to our neighbors if they think I’m trying to start up a nudist colony in the middle of our town 😉


To end our weekend on a beautiful note; while I was stretching out my hip flexors by standing upright, hands on hips, and arching my back to luck backwards…I caught site of a dragonfly.  We don’t see many of these guys out and about; he was really cool to look at.  My mom saw a dragonfly too today; I swear her and I are on the same wavelength, I love it!


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