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Temperatures Rising

Summer is here, maybe not in regards to calendar standard….but, the temperatures are screaming everything smoothies, slipnslides, pool, sunscreen, and living in next to nothing, (clothing wise…my boys go naked as soon as it’s warm enough to shed a coat 😉 ).

I’m excited to make these smoothie recipes this summer:

Shocking Pink Sunbutter Smoothie (head over HERE for recipe) *I’ll have to sub out coconut milk yogurt for the dairy style greek yogurt

Creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Shake (head over HERE for recipe) looks like Nutella in a vegan, protein packed, healthy fat form 😉 

Green Hemp Protein Smoothie (head over HERE for recipe) I love this lady and her instagram is one of my favorites to follow..I have been looking for ways to incorporate hemp protein in yummy ways

Frosty Mint Smoothie with Chocolate (head over HERE for recipe) This looks almost too pretty to drink!  It might be a bit laborious to layer and put together; I’m usually a dump, blend, pour, and chug kind of girl…but, a must try this summer!

I have not been brave enough to head out with the boys to our local water park. I love the experience when it is over and the boys are both ready for 5 hour naps from so much sun and laps on the 3 story high water slide….but, I’m just not there yet.

Instead of the pool, we have our pond and water fall running and I have our slipnslide out and ready for action at a moments notice.


If you are wondering what we do to protect ourselves from the sun while also making sure we are still getting plenty of vitamin D, (which is precious here in the upper north end of ND…we don’t get to bask in the sun for long without it being too cold to expose any amount of skin)


Thankfully my boys have my olive skin so they usually tan like me….but, I like to get 15 minutes of sans-sunscreen time and then I rub this stuff on and find we all stay protected from getting too much sun, (even Ryan, who burns at the thought of sun, is sunburn free after wearing this stuff!)

I think I found my new favorite swim top and will probably be wearing it way too much this summer, (it that’s even possible 😉 )


Have I mentioned I love the company Oiselle? 😉  When you have athletic clothing fit you so well after having nothing fit you right (especially swim wear)…it causes you to be pretty twitter pated.

Head over HERE if you’re interested in my swim top.  By the way, if you’re wondering if you can be active as well as stylish on the beach or pool at the same time…yup, you can! I played soccer with the boys in the back yard and am seriously contemplating running in this on hot hot hot summer days 😉

I’m going to call it a night and go snuggle with my mini men.  We are having a slumber party and popcorn and Zootopia are calling my name 😉




I love watching kid movies with my boys…a much needed break from watching Supernatural with Ryan most nights.


Our favorite brand and flavor!





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