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Toughest Critic

My toughest critic, well critics….my boys.  Tonight We were sitting at the dinner table with Dad who had just arrived home from work.

I don’t know how the conversation turned to “He-man women hater” talk…but, I was told by my eldest that he likes dad better, (he is a man..I’m just a girl).  He also made sure to note that I was clearly the “not as fun” parent.  SOB!

This got me to thinking…I felt sad….this sadness got me to thinking even more….then I got mad! That little booger has no idea how great a mom he has 🙁

How many 6 year olds get a stroller ride daily? wind blowing in their face, a UV protection screen when it’s sunny, a charged iPad ready and waiting with his movie of choice, and snacks & water aplenty.


When it’s burning up outside…I buy my boys a slipnslide…because, that was fun  when I was young!  By the way…if you are looking for cheap entertainment/a way to cool off….head over to target and check out their slipnslide selection…super affordable for hours of entertainment!



Our "serious face" per Bodhi's request ;)

Our “serious face” per Bodhi’s request 😉

My “coolness” factor only elevates by the fact that I can hang with this boy’s love of all things sports.  We play basketball & soccer together, hula hoop, jump roap, talk dinosaurs until I feel like I could challenge a paleontologist on who know mores 😉  If only you knew, Bodhi, my love 😉

"mom, do your handstand and I will get in the picture too" Oozing coolness ;) (this of course is in a sarcastic tone)

“mom, do your handstand and I will get in the picture too” Oozing coolness 😉 (this of course is in a sarcastic tone)


Yes, I will admit I yell more than I like, (not before warning with kind and gentle words to listen), I am the mom who has him do things for me because he can and I think it’s good for him to realize he can be the “water fetcher” once in a while, (Bodhi is a great dirty diaper disposal man..he rocks at that job), and I am the parent that “forces” him to read, write, learn math every day of the work week…I’m brutal in his eyes.  

However, this also got me to thinking…if my child sees me as the “bad” parent…then I might be doing my job right.  If my son sees that I am unfair, that he has to do his fair share…then maybe I have showed him that he is not the center of the universe and that is a good thing.  

All you mommas out there…I write this so that when you are sitting there like me listening to your child utter those unfortunate words; realize…hang in there, you’re doing great, if your child/children are fed, dressed, and ready for the day before lunch you get a gold star.  Add any additional extra-curricular activities, (marathon training, having more kids, doing laundry, cooking dinner, SHOPPING FOR GROCERIES) consider yourself a super star in the eyes of all us other mommas! 

I will go to bed tonight not sad, but knowing I’m doing something right.




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