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We Run Again!

You all, I missed my running bud! I am effervescing with joy, because today, we got to run again!


There are some people that no matter how much time goes between visits…there is always something to talk about; Sarah, you are that kind of friend!  

Another bonus of having a running bud like her is that she is more than happy to have your furry children tag along.  Tulee and Rouix, my hairy humans, must sense this about her because they are always more than willing to come along for our longer treks, (usually they don’t want to go anymore than 5-8 miles….Today, they went 11 and it was hot 😉



20-ish miles for the finish and I am happy that I was able to accomplish a double long run weekend with my friend and pups…always a great way to end your weekend!

I also got to try out the shoes I am wearing for my ultra coming up in 10 days!  


20 miles on these today and I am really happy that I went ahead and bought the Challenger ATR2’s; if you’re interested in these head over to here.  Or, if you are like me and love to watch shoe reviews….watch the Ginger Runner’s take on these awesome trail shoes.  My quick review:  They are very similar in feel and weight as the Hoka One One Clifton 2’s.  They have more tread on the bottom and feel “grippier”.  I love their padded tongue and appreciate that they are cush with not a lot of weight!

Side note: his review is on the first model…there is slight change in the 2nd edition, the tongue is more cushioned and I think the upper material is better constructed/more durable than the original.

Also: Can I just say…if you are on the fence about running or getting into the sport…I encourage you to find someone who you could start the journey with. Running partners are priceless! they are like a built in therapist and someone who will go through the varying levels of crazy with you while you are out on your longer treks, (thank you Sarah for not killing me about the under-estimated mileage) 


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