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Slow & Steady

I know I’ve mentioned this before, I’ll mention it again for the sake of this post; I have been struggling with imbalanced hormones and vertigo.  Fortunately, I have had reprieve from both.  Sadly, my symptoms have come right back.  I am remaining hopeful that I can have complete relief as they did reside for a while…it’s all a waiting game at this point in time.

I have seen everyone under the sun; a physician, ENT doctor, chiropractor, Inside Tracker, ND and I have been told by those in the allopathic community that I am healthy, slightly off, and I probably will be dealing with slight vertigo for the rest of my life. I was given exorcises by the ENT doctor and hopeful that they will help combat the “imbalance” when it’s at its worse, (he was really pumped about my running which made me happy…I was afraid he was going to tell me that running made the little crystals in my ears  move out of place like the chiro did…I do yoga and am upside down wouldn’t that make it worse too?  I never take answers lightly…always questioning).  

My final resort was to have my blood tested, which I decided to do through Inside Tracker.  After getting Inside Tracker results back I decided I better see my favorite ND in the world and figure this stuff out, (I already had done the physician thing at this point and the ENT doctor and MD both agreed a holistic approach was my next plan of action)….I am so glad I did!  

My first question was am I crazy? she of course said…we are all crazy…just varying levels ( 😉 ).  My second question was, “am I asking too much from my body to run like I am and think I won’t have problems?”  we both decided for…..but, I’m going to have to be REALLY diligent about taking care of myself and I will have to incorporate a lot more supplements into my day, (as food is just not cutting it for my bodies demands at this point in time).

I am afraid that I have already asked too much from my body and I won’t be able to see where running takes me….Besides just wanting to be as healthy as possible and be here for my boys…I do want to be able to run at a higher level….this is why this journey has become something I wanted to share on my blog; it took me a long time to get out of balance and it will take time to restore balance, (especially while I am training and being a busy momma).

Slow & steady…patiance, patience, patience! this will be my new mantra.

What are my plans?

Continue to eat higher, quality fats!  This will help with my hormone imbalance, (cholesterol is a precursor to all hormones…fat is needed in our diet..otherwise our bodies will produce it on it’s own which is a possible reason my cholesterol levels were out of whack too)


Ryan, the best friend a girl could as for, got me an eliptigo.  Secretly I am hoping he will use it too; however,  I am planning on using the eliptigo in place of some of my workouts…I am really trying to show my body some TLC.


Keep my head and heart somewhere that makes me happy! this one is huge…as I have been finding out that I am in fact kind of really bummed being here in ND and wanting badly to be back in the mountains where my boys and I truly belong.


I bought herbs recommended by Heather over at mommypotamus for Happy Adrenal Tea.  I know that vertigo as well as other symptoms I have been having are a clear indicators of adrenal glands being over taxed.  I will be having saliva testing next to see how my adrenals are in fact doing, but my ND and I both agreed that this tea can only help.


Lastly, I am continuing to focus on my happy place, (my boys, my puppies, the fact that I feel great when I am running, my friends, the list goes on!)


eliptigo box = play for hours 😉

I wanted to congratulate Sara over at Running Wife.  I started following her blog after I was hooked from reading only one post!  She has been feeling off too lately, (an overtrained running thing maybe?)  only to find out that she is expecting her first baby! I always love to hear news like that after someone mentions they are under the weather; I literally stress for them until I know they know what’s going on…I’m crazy, right?!  

If you are interested in what it is like being married to an elite runner she is the lady to follow!  She is a runner too and I think she has some crazy potential and I look forward to see where it takes her 🙂  I am a geek about other people and their successes…I think I missed my calling as a cheerleader 😉





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