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Run Nelly Run

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Mindful Matter Edition


Bodhi wanted to practice his soccer skills….Watching him have fun always takes my mind off things that are bothering me 😉


Today was about focusing on the good, surrendering control over what I can’t change, and hanging with my favorite crew.

Did I mention I am a stress case? well, if you didn’t know…Hi, my name is Danielle, I am the woman who wrote the book on 101 ways to stress about EVERYTHING.  I am going to admit…knowledge is power for most…but, for me knowledge just feeds my paranoia.  I feel like I have been analyzing tests, studying ways to feel better, and just making things worse 🙁  I am looking forward to my ultra race to take a much needed mental trip to focus on the beautiful mountains rather than feeling incredibly vulnerable.

Please God don’t let my boys get my anxiety issues!  

This man doesn’t seem to let anything bother him…If I can continue to foster his love for running he will be the first runner in history of running to have found the balance between just enough and too much 😉



I had to share my most recent favorite find!


I binge watch this woman on youtube when I have a long run that ends on the treadmill.  I found out she wrote a book and I had to buy it!  Laura Miller truly makes raw, vegan food not gross; in fact, the opposite….it’s so good she has all of my boys okay with the idea of eating vegan more often, (that is another suggestion by Inside Tracker for my current situation).


I watched her stuffed squash video, didn’t have a recipe, but decided to wing it and I am glad I did! the boys LOVED dinner and I found out that incorporating more lentils into our diet will not be as tough as I thought (another inside tracker suggestion)….dinner was great! 

Excited for the weekend….I need time with my boys and time away from stressing over stress!




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