Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Running is only 1/100th of my day

Don’t get me wrong, I love to run.  But, I think having a “running blog” can give the illusion that life revolves around running; that is farthest from the truth.

Life unplugged for us goes something like this:


Wake up is usually around 7-8 these days.  I used to get up early to get a run in before the two little men woke up.  But, I feel lousy waking up super early, they don’t mind a stroller trip, and sleeping extra long next to this monkey is worth the later start to my day!


My meals are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Yes, everything is usually colorful and yummy…but it always includes something a rabbit would eat, crunch in the form of a nut or seed, and it MUST have avocado with it.


Most of my “paradise” pictures include out on a run.  Truth be told, my home…where my boys and I can let our hair down and be whoever, look however, and enjoy the pond that Ryan got up and running again, (imagine a sound machine for sleep running 24/7…super peaceful) is my real oasis!


Meet “Tubs” and “Red”.  The boys were super excited to get fish for the house, (we were filling our pond with some…naturally, they were to inhabit our home 😉 )  Sadly, they didn’t make it through the night!  Bodhi and I were super sad and Ryan found out that you have to let the fish tank filter run a couple of days before you move anyone in…..sigh….sorry Tubs and Red…we miss the way you looked like you were saying “bob” rest in peace sweet fish.


We have the best local zoo that the boys and I visit at least once a week.  Today was a real treat! We got to participate in their penguin feeding 😉  I was in awe watching those little guys gulp an entire fish whole…I thought I was a ferocious eater 😉


Running buds are the best!!!! so are our other buds! they make our life hum and I couldn’t imagine missing out having both in my life!  The boys are just like their dad…super social, (I might be a tad too 😉 )


This is exciting news! A dear friend of mine just had her second baby!  Her little man, Mr. Curly pictured above, was womb buddy with Trout, (here and I were pregnant at the same time).  I ran into her little man enjoying the zoo while his momma was getting cozy with her newest; it was a very happy reunion! Congratulations to her, she is an amazing mom, great friend, and gem all around!  I really did win the jack pot with such great friends!


My boys enjoy rides of all kinds, not just those in a double stroller 😉  This ride costs a quarter and runs for 5 minutes; I hope they don’t realize that they could raise their prices and run it for half as long and people would still use it.


Lastly, yes, there is always room for a running photo 😉  Actually, this is after a run and I was working on strength.  My little man is getting really artsy with his photos…he liked the sky behind me and wanted me to be in “action”….sigh, there are no words to describe my love for him!




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