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Inside Tracker Results are Back!

My Inside Tracker Results are back!


While I was nervous for a completely awful outcome, I will admit..I wasn’t prepared for what my results revealed!

I won’t divulge all of the information; yes, I get personal, but some things I prefer to keep between myself and I 😉

The levels that I knew were going to be slightly lower were my iron, more importantly ferritin as well as my vitamin D levels.  I figured as much being a long distance runner/nursing mom.  I take a vegan form of iron that always seems to boost my levels where they need to be.  But, in the past when my iron was low…I wasn’t also feeding a human being along with running higher mileage on a regular basis…so I am going to have to get creative about upping my iron in more ways than supplement form.

Vitamin D will hopefully improve with summer and getting more sun.  I plan on buying a sun lamp for the winter months so that my boys and I can keep our levels up without having to supplement.

What I wasn’t expecting was testosterone levels that my husband would be proud of as well as high folic acid.  

Why do I think this is?

Most woman struggle with androgens, such as testosterone, being high when they are dealing with PCOS.  I however, don’t struggle with PCOS as well as having all the signs and symptoms of high testosterone levels, (excess facial hair, acne, thinning hair on my head)…so I was really surprised by the results….it just didn’t strike myself as an overtly testorone-ee girl.

However, I do have an incredible amount of stress in my life and I have put a lot of stress on my body in the past, (having two babies, nursing beyond 2 years with each, an eating disorder, running marathons, moving, death of parent…the list goes on).  I have been struggling with less than optimal insulin response lately along with this and I am convinced my adrenals are shot and need some major TLC!  oh yea! adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance…they all go hand-in-hand with higher testosterone levels too, (disclaimer…this is not medical advice! always seek a health care provider before you take someone’s word for truth!)


I forget that pushing these two monkeys is more work than my body probably needs on a daily basis 😉

What is my plan of action?

First, while I think Inside Tracker is an invaluable tool for some…I think there are some critical flaws in their systems and I am not going to loose sleep over their test results or recommendations, (like upping soy…umm, that was a little outdated for something so “cutting edge”).  I am also going to treat this test like any other….look at the bigger picture and pick one thing at a time I can work on to improve.  I plan on taking some steps towards babying my adrenals by:

  1. making a tea out of essential adaptogenic herbs that support and nourish the adrenals; I will be drinking this tea daily for 6 weeks and then I will take a break.
  2. adding vitamin C and himalayan salt to my water, (want to know why? click here).
  3. really TRYING to cut back on my sugar intake.  I have to admit this one is hard…especially since I have started upping my mileage again…you get tired and sugar is an unfortunate/easy quick-fix.
  4. continue to eat quality, higher fat foods, (avocado, walnuts, salmon, chia seed….) to hopefully help rebalance my hormone levels
  5. probably the hardest and most important change will be to transition Trout into only nursing at night.  I cannot keep nursing him on demand and I think he will be more than okay if he only gets my milk at night…he will still be getting all those lovely antibodies that I provide).

I hope I did not discourage you from trying Inside Tracker for yourself.  Overall, it was an invaluable tool/catalyst that set change towards a healthier me into motion, (I have been making changes sporadically, but seeing something on paper is just so sobering/motivating for me).  I always encourage anyone to be an active participant in their own health and using tools like Inside Tracker is a great way to take a step in that direction.




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