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Long Run Day

Miles are starting to amp up again.  Funny enough, I find it more difficult this go around to get the motivation to head out the door and get those miles in versus this cold, un-fun weathered winter.  


Why do I think this is?  I know very well why!

  1.  My boys and I are outside from sun up until sun down.  I don’t really ever sit unless I am in bed typing, yup, that’s pretty much it.  I am burning the candle at both ends, so by the time the weekend rolls around, I’m already tired and ready for a rest.
  2. I don’t have my running wives out with me!  I literally pour my heart out more to these two ladies than I do with Ryan; between the miles spent talking about everything and anything and just having the extra feet hitting the ground next to mine…I miss my girls!
  3. There was a woman involved in an attempted abduction on my usual long-run morning route.  I typically go when it is early and dark and I am not the most intimidating of people so this really bothered me.  Ryan has been bugging me about getting my concealed license and I always scoffed….I hate to think that I might really need it 🙁  

Today I took my furry critters with and they were hairy rock stars!


Tulee and Rouix ran 14 of the 16 miles.  I felt bad so when I ran by the middle school with a track I stopped and let them rest while I ran 2 miles.  The ladies at a local Caribou Coffee were really sweet too and offered them water while we were running by.  I always laugh when people who are out on their walk comment on the fact that I’m waring the two out….they just never catch them finding the motivation to go faster, (squirrels come to mind 😉 ).

For now, I foresee my long runs happening a little bit later for added security with the daylight.  Tulee and Rouix, (my two chessies) will be getting their endurance training as they will be joining me for company and security; One of my running buds is moving away and I can’t always hit the timing right to run with the local running club…the woes of being a mother runner.  

How did my run go today?

I was inspired by the fact that my legs were loving the run 5 miles in and I finished feeling super strong and wanting to go much much longer….these are the days that I bank in my memory for the not-so-wonderful feeling run days.

What is my typical long-run running gear?

Compression socks; partially for added warmth and partially because I like the idea that blood is not just pooling in my legs from an extended period of time of pounding the pavement with them.  I really like Pro Compression socks; they’re always having great deals on their socks so you can buy them for much cheaper than most.

Flip belt, to hold my water, phone, and huma gels.  I have been LOVING the raspberry flavored huma gels.  I am going to be buying specifically this flavor for future use, (not a huge fan of chocolate or coffee flavors…not fun to suck down while I’m running only good for after the run in the form of chocolate chips and iced coffee 😉 )

Hoka One One Clifton 2‘s.  I did just buy the Challenger ATR2 for my upcoming ultra trail race and I am excited to take them out for trial runs!

Clothing changes depending on weather, but I always have to make sure there is minimal chaffing that can occur…so loose shorts are usually out and I have to have a bra with a band that fits around my bust or else I chaff  from it twisting when I move.

Hope all of your long runs went well today or hoping they go well tomorrow if Sunday is your longer run day.  Again, BEST OF LUCK to my Nark Running Mates who will be running in marathons on the east coast tomorrow morning! They will beat the heat and finish fast!



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