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Run Nelly Run

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Recharging my battery & the nut behind my shell

Every once in a while I feel slightly stir crazy and need a “get away” from the every day. 


Where do I go when I feel this way?  To my friend’s farm hanging out with only the worlds greatest blondies!  


Their family and the views alone give my boys and I the boost of happy we need to get us back in to a good mood again.

I have mentioned this before and I will probably mention it many times again, I was not made for “city living”.  I am a country girl at heart.  Ryan and I will play the would you rather game on a long road trip; both him and I agree that if we were given a chance to live a year in New York City or the wilderness of Alaska, (without common amenities) we would chose Alaska.


I prefer the life of solidarity and commuting with nature to being shoulder-to-shoulder in a metropolitan city…that, and I like the idea of having endless trails and land to explore without bumping into another human being, (just a moose…from afar or another happy nature lover).


The boys had a blast looking for polliwogs.  I was instructed to catch a frog and unfortunately it was not wanting to be caught; I’m hoping I still got cool mom points for trying 😉


Our blonde friend was much better at catching the frogs than me!


Trout was in his element!


He was swinging that stick around like he owned the joint 😉


We even discovered the prettiest, tinniest butterflies I’ve ever seen.  I’m telling you, their home is magical and I am always so happy when I leave, (well, I would rather stay, but you catch my drift 😉 ).

So on to the nut behind my shell.

I am terribly, TERRIBLY afraid of wood ticks; I’m talking want to crawl out of my skin sort of terror is felt.  Today, we must have walked into a nest; yup, I was covered, Trout was covered, and Bodhi only had 2 on him! 

While I was squeamish, I pulled off all of our tics like a boss 😉 I will be darned if I pass on my irrational fears onto my boys, (Ha Ryan! he is afraid of snakes and makes it well known to the boys).

I have also been obsessing over running shoes lately! I’m pretty sure if I had endless amounts of income to spend on shoes I would own too many pairs!

To fulfill my shoe fetish I’ve been watching this guy on Youtube…I find his shoe reviews informative and entertaining

Lastly, my boys are obsessed with spaghetti and marina for dinner.  I am always trying to change it up by adding spaghetti squash, homemade meatballs, and any veggie-fied side that will help boost the nutrition.  However, I always use Paul Newman’s pasta sauce.  You wanna know why?  My Dad used to make spaghetti and he got hooked on Newman’s “Sockarooni Sauce”; I suppose he liked the way the name sounded 😉 (that’s the kind of quirky he was, and I loved him for it!)


An added bonus, you help contribute to charity, it is made with great ingredients (EVOO, not soybean oil or any other lack luster veggie oil), and everyone in my family likes the flavor! Truth be told…I would cook with it even if it weren’t the best tasting…somehow knowing that I am incorporating my dad into the things he enjoyed the most while alive, (eating…he was all about food) makes me feel like I am keeping his memory strong; no matter how small the gesture!

There you have it! the nut behind my shell and how I get my batteries re-charged 😉

Speedy thoughts to all of my Nark Running family members who are running this weekend!  Jessica, I fully expect you to  continue the reign as speedy marathon runner; you are one fast lady!


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