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Run Nelly Run

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If I could give myself some advice

First, I am so completely flattered and appreciative that my post on running with a stroller was so well received!  I find that the easiest posts for me to write and most rewarding are those that I feel like I am contributing to the world through my own experiences.

If I could give myself some advice it would be to  sit back and enjoy life….chill out and enjoy the ride!

I don’t know why or what is keeping me down, but I am telling you…Ryan will out live me by years due to his ability to take everything with great strife while I over analyze everything too much.  I laugh and joke that I am going to make myself sick worrying about how to not make myself sick…but it is the honest to goodness truth.




I sported my favorite bracelet today and took the words to heart!  I follow Tina Muir and she suggested this bracelet from Momentum Jewelry.  Very rarely do I wear things that have sayings on them or logos; don’t get me wrong, I am all for others sporting them…but, this bracelet says how I aspire to feel every day.  I portray myself as being brave, strong, and confident…I need to really be all those things! 

If only I could take a cue from my two mini men.  Thank God they both get Ryan’s chill disposition!


This is pure, unadulterated joy…no worries, no cares, just happy.


and this boy….despite my constant nagging, (which seems to be happening too often lately) he goes with it, lets stuff roll off his back, and reigns in the joy 😉

I am looking forward to having my blood drawn on Tuesday and to await my results from Inside Tracker.  I am sure it will just be fuel on the fire to my over analytical personality….but, I really want to do right by training so that I am doing my body good rather than setting myself up for a HUGE set back later on.

I have to share the progress on our deck!


We now have railings!  It is getting close to being done and I am super excited and impressed with Ryan’s handy man skills.  

I am also SUPER impressed with my own ingenuity with dinner tonight!  I wanted something “pizza-esq” but didn’t want to go through the process of making crust; enter portobello pizza bites!


Dinner was quick, easy, and yummy.  I get down on myself about not being more for this family, but in reality….making food that is good for my boys and tastes good…I think that is worth its weight in gold!




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