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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

We have been BUSY!

I had no idea how busy life would get when the weather turned nicer and my boys grew a little bigger.  When Bodhi was a little guy, I would turn  him lose in our back yard for an hour and he was exhausted for the rest of the day.  Now, with Trout almost 2.5 and Bodhi almost 6….they’re energy is limitless.  By the time I do have a moment, I’m done for the day.

Yesterday’s run was an easy 5 miles.  Is it ever really easy with a stroller and two little people plus 2 hairy humans tagging along?


I listened to Runners Connect podcast, “How to Level Up in the Game of Life” with Steve Kamb founder of Nerd Fitness.  Steve said something that rang truth in my world and I feel like is worth mentioning.  

Steve and Tina Muir were talking about getting started with running.  Steve said that if we waited for motivation to happen, chances are, the moment would come and go before we were even aware it existed; motivation is fleeting,  His advice to starting and sticking with a program, wether it is fitness related or not is not what one would expect; his philosophy is “screw motivation, develop dedication”, (I believe his words were not screw, but something that would take my blog from casual cuss word here or there to, “woa, she just went there!”  I don’t know if I have Joe Rogan confidence to type those words 😉 ).

I agree with Steve and his “screw motivation” philosophy.  There are days where I am just not, “in it to win it” and I would rather crawl in a hole and do nothing. However, if I want to accomplish my goals, running related or not, most of the time it is about digging deep and sticking to the cause and not waiting for motivation to catch up.


This man is perfect example of this! Ryan works hard ALL DAY LONG.  He leaves early and comes home late.  The boys and I anxiously greet him with a million and one questions and he handles it with grace, well, most of the time!  He was back at our deck until late last night, no whining, no complaining just working hard; I think that’s a huge reason I married him in the first place!


Isn’t it pretty?!


Bodhi, Trout, the dogs, and I all play on it constantly!  Yoga has been taken to an all new level of enjoyment out on our new deck in the sunlight 😉


A quick nap was even had yesterday on our new deck, (can you tell we are really excited about our newest home addition!)

Just because I have to share…….


Trout found a new friend! I am all for my boys being rough and tumble, but I told them I am insistent that bugs and little critters be there friends not something they can kill for the sake of killing.  


Trout so desperately wanted to touch his new friend, but I told him to just say hi, “hi beautiful!” exclaimed Trout.  I swear this boy is too much!


Late, the other evening, This boy and I hung out on the deck and listened for little critters while Trout slept.  I enjoy my one on one time with each boy.  Both of my boys are sweet on their mom and I am so thankful they are!


Trout is really starting to rock art class! 


and….I’m pretty sure I could eat a pound of this stuff!  75% avocado and the rest super fresh tossed in lime juice, olive oil, and pink salt.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Good luck to all those racing!



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