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Run Nelly Run

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How I’m beating the “blues”

Between a beautiful, sun shining day and quality time spent with ALL my boys I am making this bout of blues a thing of the past.


Poor Beezer had his last day of Escuela and he was BUMMED.  I knew he was sad over it so I rushed him out of class before I could snap his last day of Escuela photo, so I ad-libbed in the parking lot 😉

Yes, I still homeschool, but, Bodhi has this special soul that draws others in.  The teachers at Escuela, whom I love and adore, asked if I would sign him up for preschool again this year.  I had to really think long and hard, after all he was schooling first grade curriculum with me at home, but his joy and their desire to have him beat out my reservations.  

I asked Bodhi today on the ride home if he was interested in public school, he immediately said “nope”.  Bodhi told me that school is for learning and he can play and socialize other ways….have I mentioned how much I love that boy!

Speaking of boys I love….


Awkward couple photo #101.  I was trying to stand on my tip toes to give him bunny ears, a mom has to entertain her boys while they play camera man.  Apparently, I still need a couple more inches to make that happen 😉


Ryan, despite being exhausted from work, joined me on a hill run.  I was so impressed and happy to have an accomplice.


I alternated running the hill and running the steps…I am excited to see progress and strength returning from taking a hiatus over the colder weather.

I am so thankful for my three boys and always giving me the things I need to bounce back from a funk.  Bodhi and Trout were amazing little house cleaning helpers, they even walked with me up to our favorite non-dairy fro-yo place for a much needed treat after our intense cleaning session. 

I plan on writing my next post about running with my boys in the stroller.  I get a lot of questions regarding how I manage to keep them “entertained” while I run…I am no expert, but I have 6 years of experience and hopefully some helpful suggestions!




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