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Making the treadmill less daunting

So, my family has a nasty cough, again.  I have been running most of my runs outside and end up finishing with a cough that my neighbors can hear, (and I’m sure they appreciate).  20160518094452.jpg

Today I had 8 easy miles and I wanted to really take them “easy” so I resorted to the treadmill.  I am fortunate to have a treadmill at my disposal, but I’m not going to lie, looking out the windows and seeing sunny weather made it hard to want to be inside.

How did I pass the time? First, I made sure the boys picked a netflix show I hadn’t watched a million times over again.  Next, I checked my easy pace, pace according to my McRun app and decided to alternate every other mile with the slower end of my easy pace scale and the mid pace of my easy pace scale…it really did break up the miles.  

During the Boston expo, I was asked to have my gait analyzed.  I thought it would be fun so I agreed.  I am really glad I did.  They told me to focus on two minor adjustments that would make me a more efficient runner.  The first thing they told me was to pick a point on the horizon and try to keep my pony tail still.  My other recommendation was to think about something between my knees while I run and always focus on keeping space between them.  My hips tend to drop, especially when I’m tired, the best time to practice form is when you are not pushing yourself and you have the ability to focus on it.


I have to share my newest addition to my running stash, my Lux Hi Low Bra.  I am super excited to own sports bras that fit, don’t require the jaws of life to get in and out of it, and a bonus…they look cute too.  I don’t typically run outdoors without a shirt, but I am learning/embracing my body a lot more as I get older, (or maybe I’ve just grown too tired to care anymore).  I foresee many hot runs while sporting this and am super excited again, not to look like I’m wearing something made in prehistoric time, (why do they do that to woman with more of a chest? smaller cups get all the cute bras!)

You all, I’m not going to lie…between not feeling the best again, having a Dad who was not feeling well, my homesickness for the mountains really wreaking havoc on me, and now learning that one of my nearest and dearest running buds is moving away…I am SUPER pitiful.  I am allowing myself a pity party for a little bit longer and then I’m forcing myself to snap out of it; unfortunately, this funk, a run can’t shake 🙁

Even though I am a bit bummed, I do have two little people who always know how to lift my spirits!


Trout was hamming it up while Bodhi and I were doing his schooling.  Sometimes the two boys can be so much alike!  For a moment in time I felt like I had 2 year old Bodhi back…Trout was so reminiscent of his big brother sporting those swim goggles and trying desperately to make his mom and brother smile.


Hi cute boy! By the way, that scar you see on his chin….Trout was biking in our driveway and didn’t realize that there was lumbar hanging off the end of the trailer and ran right into it.  Trout is a tough little man! I casually asked him if he were alright, he made fists in both of his hands, growled, and then said, “I fine”.  Both of my boys are so so much tougher than me…they must get that from Ryan 😉



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