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Before Monday gets crazy

Mondays always seem to be my busiest day; correction, every day is busy form me, Mondays just take the cake.

Before Monday gets crazy I wanted to check in with you all and just say hi.  With the weather being much nicer and my boys and I helping Ryan with the deck.  I have had neither time for taking pictures like I normally do or time to sit and type…..I will have to readjust for this; after all, I’m hoping that the weather continues to stay nice!

Just so you can see how busy we’ve been:


notice the pile of toys in the corner with the make-shift canopy? the boys seem to make every space their play space 😉


The unfinished section…I am most impressed by Ryan’s framing skills…takes me back to watching my Dad, (Jim) build our deck when I was little.  I appreciate Ryan’s attention to detail, my Dad would have been impressed.


So if you are like me and stress about not hitting the gym like your fellow runners who post their dead lifting photos on Instagram or gym shots post-“intense” workout.  See that pile of wood in the back ground?  While Ryan chopped it up into more manageable pieces to carry, Trout and I carried, meaning he put into my cart all of that wood and I hauled it to the front to unload it off on to a trailer.  I was feeling very excited about getting my weights in without having to interrupt our deck building plans 😉


Somehow I managed to eek in 5 miles with my furry friends as well as two boys.  Normally, I am not a huge fan of wind, but yesterday with the weather feeing warmer, (55 degrees…I think it’s safe to say ND has made me weak sauce when it comes to real heat) the wind felt good.


Must buy more bananas!  I love this shake in the morning! Head on over to Danielle’s blog, “Against All Grain” for the recipe.

My sister sent me a text of my niece yesterday, and while I have a moment to sit and think…I really really miss that girl!


This girlie reminds me so much of her mom! My sister and I were inseparable growing up…her mom means the world to me.

I might be bias, but I have the sweetest, cutest, most lovable niece and nephews a girl could ask for! I miss each of them terribly.  Bodhi has been asking everyday when we get to move so that we can be much much closer to them…sigh, Bodhi if only I knew!

Happy Monday All!

Congrats to my fellow Nark Running family runners who ran in races this weekend…I love seeing others rock their races and be able to see their hard work pay off.


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