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Run Nelly Run

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Sometimes it’s all about the gear!

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have some pretty awesome friends.  Someone I have to brag on for this post as well as give you all an opportunity to sport a shirt that she recently designed and is selling is my friend Sarah.

Sarah’s credentials include:

MS in Exercise Science, California University, Pennsylvania. Concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
Certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA (NSCA-CPT)
NASM certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
TRX Instructor
Certified AFAA Primary Group Exercise Instructor
Certified MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach (MMA-CSCC)
RRCA Certified Running Coach
Restorative Exercise certified Healthy Foot Practitioner
Restorative Exercise Specialist

(these were all taken from her blog over at


This lady is nothing short of amazing…and if I didn’t love her so much and wish that everyone gets the chance to meet her and be part of her amazing world…I’d selfishly keep her to myself 😉

Sarah is a trail running/ultra marathoning enthusiast; I’m convinced she’ll have me bitten by the ultra bug as soon as I complete my first coming up here in June!

To pay homage to her love of the sport as well as her crazy eye for design…this lady came up with some shirts to declare her love.


photo taken and original by Sarah Scozzaro

My heart and soul belongs with my boys near the mountains.  If there was a way for me to uproot us now, I would.  However, until that day comes, (putting it out there universe…are you listening?)  I will be sporting this shirt around making sure everyone knows that not only is the love of running on my mind, but the love of exploring the mountains by means of running is my idea of paradise!

If you are interested in buying one of those bad boys, click HERE.  I don’t normally wear shirts with a lot of writing on them….Sarah, this exception I will gladly make for you! these are legit lady!

Sarah did NOT put me up to this product push by any means.  I am simply a huge fan of all things my friend, Sarah.  I am a big believer that running is a sport that builds and supports community; one with which is enthusiastic about one another and more than happy to share each other’s successes so that others will “drink the Koolaid” and become a runner too 😉





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