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Change can be a good thing

I’ve never really understood the fear that goes with the idea of change.  I have never been a creature of habit, so the idea of change is comforting, it signifies that one’s place in this world is ever evolving…would we always want to finish with the same marathon time? absolutely not…so I would like to encourage the idea that change can be a good thing.

Why am I talking about change? I have a couple of good reasons.  The first reason I welcome change has to do with health.  I think it is safe to say that there are moments in time where you might feel on top of the world and then there are times that you are wishing you were feeling like you did when you were on top of the world.  With my Dad under the weather and going through my own personal struggles…I believe that the only way to find ever lasting health is to be okay with change constantly! After all, what may be good for us today might be our poison tomorrow…that is the crazy thing about our bodies.  

I am choosing to partake in Inside Tracker and am anxious to see what is to come of it all.  I welcome the idea of growth and change towards a better self.  I won’t lie…I do fear that it will tell me there is no hope…but, I’m banking on the idea that I will have better results than expected. 

Change has also come in the form of what foods I have been trying to incorporate more of and what I am trying to eat less of.  This week is a great reminder that the change to a higher fat diet is ideal for me right now.  I have been eating too much simple sugar foods again and grain for breakfast and have been feeling anxious, foggy, and not myself….best way to know if something is working…stop doing it!

The other reason I want to talk about change is that it seems to be an ever present theme in my life right now.  My boys are growing up at an exponential rate!


My time as a mom with an infant is over, (for now at least 🙂 ) and now I have two little men that are incredibly active and curious about the world.  If I stop to think about how much they have both changed over these past few months I get overwhelmed.  I am loving that I have two little people to bike/run/walk/explore with.  I told both Bodhi and Trout, as long as mom can still cuddle you, I’m okay with you getting bigger…they both said it was more than okay!


The last reason I bring up change is that running and training with a coach has pushed me to think outside of what I would consider best for my performance as a runner. Mat is constantly challenging me to think outside of my comfort zone.  The most recent change to my routine is to really REALLY focus on strength.  I always get nervous about incorporating too much in the form of muscle building exercise.  I tend to bulk up a lot quicker than most and I worry that I will end up tighter and less able to float like I do when I am leaner.  


I plan on doing a ton of yoga to counterbalance my bodies natural tendency to build short, fast-twitched muscles rather than longer/more flexible muscle.  I love yoga and always feel better when I do practice on a more regular basis.  Not being a creature of habit bites me in the bum when it comes to sports like yoga where it is really beneficial to make it a regular occurrence in your life.

I have to brag on Ryan and his carpentry skills for a second!


Our deck is framed and ready for the deck surface instalation.


I am beyond impressed.  I look forward to hanging out with my boys on our new deck and growing veggies in our planters Ryan will add at the end! I did good marrying someone so handy 😉



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