Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

What a week!

With training being more chill and Bodhi’s schooling getting close to the end of his 1st grade year, (which I still am amazed by) I have been less than stellar about writing a post every day.


Homeschooling this guy means homeschooling a hipster paleontologist cowboy who moonlights as iron man at night; while his sidekick trout hunts for dinos with his din0-seeking binoculars, (don’t you homeschool this way?!)

I still stand by the theory that when my life is more busy, I get more done.  However, with the weather being a lot nicer, (well, not right now…it’s windy and cold) a deck that is rapidly being built, and a spring cold that made it’s presence known…my house looks like a tornado hit and I am so completely unorganized!

I have been A LOT better about practicing yoga on a more regular basis!


I am so excited to be hitting poses that I used to gawk at while others made it look entirely too easy.  I don’t have camera skills or yoga skills so I am sure that this pose does look awkward and hard…it’s a work in progress 😉


My stroller is on the fritz.  The front tire has a hole in it and I just haven’t had the time to patch it and get her back up and running….so that has left me with my old friend the treadmill.  I am not going to lie…I am missing speed work, (note to self…re-read this post when you are hating speed work).  I decided to take a trip down memory lane and run “heart break hill” on my nordic track, (I love ifit!).  Heart Break Hill seems really easy when you haven’t just ran 20 miles before hand 😉


I have to share my new favorite sports bra! Oiselle’s Gifted Verrazano Bra is great for my personal needs. I am a nursing mom and have a chest that could fluctuate from a B cup to a D cup in less then a day, (no joke)…this bra helps keep me covered no matter what.  I also love that I don’t have cleavage with this bra! While I’m running, I’m not trying to show off my “assets”  I want something that gives me support and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve been poured into my bra.

I’m hoping that by the weekend I will have my stroller back up and rolling, (ha!)  I am also hoping that Ryan and I can get a deck surface material and color picked out.  I am leaning towards a composite material and Ryan is convinced we go for wood…we can never agree on anything when it comes to our house, but somehow we always figure it out and we both end up happy….here’s hoping!


Home Depot is probably loving us while we are working on our deck project 😉  I typically run around like a bat out of hell while the boys scream and pretend they’re race care drivers; today I passed off the torch to Bodhi.


Trout thinks his big brother is the coolest.  Sorry Home Depot!



Can you see the resemblance between mom and Bodhi? 😉

I also wanted to mention that my Dad has been in the hospital.  I share this because I ask that you send healing thoughts his way!  It’s really hard to be so far away from all of my family; when illness happens, it makes the distance exponentially harder on me.  Everyday we have our health is a blessing…I hope he finds health again quickly!


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