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Run Nelly Run

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It’s working!

Let me clarify first before I dive into the post.  I shouldn’t say that I have gone low carbohydrate…in fact, quite the contrary; I have been eating lots of carbohydrates…but in the form of vegetables, some fruit, and minimal sugars if at all.  However, I have really been amping up my fat intake and lowering my protein, (I haven’t cut out protein…just not consuming more than I feel my body is using).

How has it been going for me?


No.  This is not a pregnancy test.  This is a ovulation test.  I had this feeling that I was ovulating; call it a hunch..I won’t go into the details.  I decided to test myself and found out that my hunch was right.  

Am I out of the woods as far as having wonky hormones? nope.  But, I am heading in a good direction.  I don’t feel ovulation should only be desirable to those trying to conceive.  In fact, as long as a woman is having her menstrual cycle…she should be ovulating in between…ovulation along with periods is a sign of good health; isn’t that what we want?

What does a typical higher fat meal look like for me?


Tonight I made quinoa fried rice.  Instead of using copious amounts of quinoa, I only used enough to satisfy a serving of about 50 grams of carbohydrate, (from the quinoa). Where is the fat?  I fried my veggies in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.  I fried my eggs in another 2 tablespoons of oil. I used 6 organic eggs and if I felt like I needed more..I would have added some roasted cashews on top or more coconut oil.  However, I didn’t feel like I needed to with my dinner.  My meal hit the spot!

My other favorite thing as of late is consuming an entire avocado a day.  I used to eat maybe a quarter of one, (Trout is my avocado monster and always ends up eating most of mine).  Instead of trying to fight Trout for a bite…I just made sure to cut him up his own avocado…Momma needs her fat 😉

I am hopeful that I will continue to improve my hormone health.  I also signed up for Inside Tracker and am anxious to see how that experience goes.  I will make sure to post as I go regarding that as well as the progress on my hormones, (if that is at all interesting).  I’ve decided to leave the science behind my choice out for now…I don’t want to come off as an expert…I just want to inspire others to do their own research!

Real quick, I have decided to share, because I want women to know that wether you’re active, really active, or chose to exercise casually….your period and everything else that goes with being a woman shouldn’t change.  I want to encourage other female athletes to question their approach to training if their period goes missing or they stop ovulating. 

On another tangent:


Trout came with me to a teeth cleaning today and I have to brag…he was golden!  The little man saddled up, watched Chuggington, and didn’t make a peep, (other then to announce he was 2) the entire time I was in the dental chair.  I will take that moment and relish in it until he goes Selma Blair on me at Target.


I also found out I can do a balancing pigeon pose! I have been going to yoga more consistently and I have seen my strength improve dramatically.  I was stoked to show Bodhi when I got home and he was kind enough to capture me in the moment.  I am in love with our yoga studio and the teachers…ND really isn’t so bad after all 😉



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