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Happy Mother’s Day!

I think it is really easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding a great day of honoring some equally great human beings.  I always laugh about holidays that tell us to pay special attention to a group of individuals that otherwise should just be part of our normal every day.

Mother’s day is special, don’t get me wrong! I love my mom and I wouldn’t be here without her!  However, I believe every day should be about honoring the one’s we love in our lives….yes, get your mom flowers today….but, you better believe I encourage  my boys to honor and celebrate the women in their lives daily.

Again, I’m not against mother’s day…in fact, I got a very sweet gift on my return home from my run today; breakfast made by my boys! 


I love pushing my boys in the stroller, but today was liberating sans stroller! I felt like I was flying

I loved arriving home to my littlest announcing that he and his brother got me a surprise! Have I told you how well Trout has been speaking lately?! It’s mind boggling.

As much as I wanted to be doted on for the day, life is rarely a special occasion, rather a sequence of busy-filled events…On to deck building!


I always worry that I am not doing enough strength training…until I realize that I do it without even realizing! Today’s workout included lifting and hauling 24, 80 lb bags of cement to our shed and then unloading them all again.


Tire pushing/pulling! try pulling a wagon with 480 lbs of concrete in it across your lawn; although Trout did help 😉 he was grunting pushing the wagon behind me….I love him!


Hanging out with my men doing work really was the perfect way to celebrate mother’s day.  I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor when I am with all three boys! I appreciate having a partner who has always seen the value in my desire to be a mom and has not only made it a reality for me….but is an equally great dad and spouse who makes the work load a lot more manageable.


I saw this quote today and thought of him! I don’t consider myself sentimental…in fact, I always feel like those who protest their affections too much…usually have the most to try to prove, (i.e. they really aren’t happy).  Ryan can have me on cloud 9 one moment and be in the dog house the next after almost nailing me with a flying nail from his nail gun, (that might have happened while I was holding and he was nailing today! gotta love my cat like reflexes that saved me from getting hurt….home improvement is not for the faint of heart!)  My point being….Ryan and I are far from perfect;  We have brought two pretty amazing humans into this world and we wake up choosing each other every day….that’s good enough for me.  It’s funny how every mother’s day I end up being more sentimental about my husband then the fact that I am a mom….Ryan you lucked out! 😉

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those Mommas out there! Wether your child is furry, not furry, or motherhood hasn’t reached fruition yet….their is always a way to celebrate mom in your life!




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