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Stroller Running & Mini Vacation

Training this go around has involved a lot of running with a VERY heavy stroller, (do I mention that my stroller is heavy a lot?).  

I enjoy taking my boys out; I think it’s written all over my face 😉


Bodhi & Trout think it’s pretty cool that their mom takes them out around town “chariot” style.  I enjoy spending time with them while also getting a training run done.  However, I do worry about my form taking a hit for not being able to use my arms naturally like you would if you were running without a stroller.  I also worry that my stride is thrown off,…but, I know that a quicker cadence is ideal and you definitely can’t bound with a stroller in front of you…you naturally run using quicker/more frequent steps.


I try to focus holding the stroller really close to my body as well.  I cringe when I see people walking or running with their stroller out in front, arms held straight.  Thankfully, I worked long enough at a physical therapy office as well as reading up on running with strollers to know that holding the stroller close to your body is best for you back and core.


I do realize that when I’m tired or pushing faster…i tend to lean on the stroller…MUST WORK ON THAT!


Sometimes you have to let the legs air out! Bodhi and his photo taking skills have become impressive!


Last one, I promise! I thought this photo was interesting! I have “neutral feet” with a flexible arch…I always thought I pronated, but I actually turn out when I run.  I think it’s important to have your gait analyzed…I used to wear shoes that helped those who pronate and my legs always felt tired and sore; now I know why!

On to the more fun and interesting things in my life 😉

Ryan had a work function south of where we live.  Bodhi, Trout, and I decided to join dad on his trip.  

While Ryan slaved away in classes all day we had a great time exploring!



We went to the local zoo and saw alligators, elk, tigers, bears, fox, eagles…you name it…we probably saw it! I was impressed for a smaller zoo.


The bears were playing; the boys and I thought of our two Chessies, who frequently break out in puppy combat like the bears did 😉


A Bengal Tiger chilling in the shade.


After our trip to the zoo we headed over to the North Dakota Heritage Center.  Bodhi was in heaven! we saw more fossils/dinosaurs than I think he could have imagined! we were even spoiled and got to see a dinosaur fossil with it’s skin still on…it was pretty cool!


Bodhi standing next to his FAVORITE dino.


I highly encourage anyone in the area to visit the heritage center; it’s worth the trip.

If any of you run with strollers; do you worry about your running form?

What is your favorite running stroller?







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