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Focusing on Strength

Since I’ve been back to running a little bit after Boston I have really started to focus on strength this go around.  I am making a conscious choice to attend a yoga class at least once a week, (thankfully Ryan has been able to watch the boys while I’m at an evening yoga class).

I’ve also decided that unless I have a double digit run or am told otherwise..I will continue to push my boys around.


Instead of setting up specific times  to run I am hoping to make running a more organic process.  Today, Bodhi had his usual Tuesday/Thursday hangout thing and I decided to “run” him there rather than drive; two birds one stone!


Make that three birds, one stone! Trout got in a mini nap on the way back! He loves having his brother ride along, but secretly I think Trout likes having the stroller to himself; he gets more room, snacks all to himself, and he has complete control over the iPad or wether or not we stop and gawk at a train passing by for 10 minutes, (which big brother isn’t so keen on).

I’ve already noticed a huge improvement in my strength! Tonight at yoga class I was able to do all the poses, holding each one, and feeling a lot more zen and a lot less ready to be done holding that particular pose.  We do something called the “spider man” squat, which basically means you go into a side lunge and transition to the other side all the while staying down near the mat….I might have to post a quick video on it…it’s really helped me see how strong my hips, quads, and core have gotten…I LOVE YOGA.

Besides the running thing…Bodhi and his love of dinosaurs has transformed into him being a paleontologist foraging our backyard for T-rex teeth; today he found a bunch!


I am still eating a higher fat, moderate protein, and lower carbohydrate diet and loving it!


Eating like I do still includes a ton of veggies! I don’t know if I could ever go along with something that didn’t allow me to eat the majority of my meals like a rabbit would 😉


Tonight, Bodhi had a soccer game.  Trout thought it would be fun to take the cones marking the field and run around with them.  Trout also thought it would be fun to play soccer with the big boys…I got some short distance sprints in tonight chasing after the little monkey!


Little stinker!


Bodhi was kicking off in the background! I wanted to take a photo of him playing, but I didn’t have much time to get a good picture with his little brother trying to get himself run over on the soccer field…I don’t ever want to come off as the parent who is too busy on their phone to realize there is a world going on around them!

Besides yoga and pushing 135 lbs of kid and stroller I hope to share with you all what I do for strength.  I did mention a new routine I tried after reading a Hungry Runner Girl Post.  If you want to try a killer, make your legs feel like jello, kinda workout….click here!



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