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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

There’s more than just running

Yes, I realize my blogs name is “Run Nelly Run”.  Yes, I am border line obsessed with all things running.  Yes, I consider part of who I am, a big part, as a runner.

I love following other running blogs, runners on instagram, and my amazing running family in NY on Facebook.  However, I just don’t think that always posting running pictures or talking about how many miles you ran is a true picture of what a runners’ day is really like, (unless your pro).  Don’t get me wrong, I love me a run, but that only preoccupies 1/10th of my day; the majority is filled with so so much more.

There is so much more to my world, SO MUCH MORE…and with the sun shining, chores to be done, and spring finally getting it’s groove on; running is becoming an after thought as we find a million and one other ways to fill our day.


How do you get your hips and core in shape for running while also playing with your boys on a sunny day? Hula hooping! (is that a word?) I will admit, I am not very good at the hoop, but with a lot of practice Bodhi and I were both able to hula hoop for a solid minute or so…Ryan got a lot of entertainment from watching us practice 😉


The boys were enjoying coloring dinosaurs outdoors.  Why do they have their helmets on you might ask…my boys are avid scooter/bikers…and they might be as clumsy and me and require a helmut for most outdoor play, (Trout and Bodhi seesawing for instance).


Bodhi practicing his monkey skills on my laundry line pole; again, the helmut is on 24/7 during the summer 😉


Trout figuring out how to use the chuck-it.  He was excited he could release the ball so the dogs could play fetch with him.  Trout also realized that the chuck-it was great for chasing his brother around with! Endless possibilities 😉


Speaking of T-man…yesterday him and I went for a walk while Dad and Big Brother were out fishing.  Trout decided he would mow the town.  He was pretty stinking cute pushing his lawn mower for the entire 2.5 mile walk!


Spooning puppies might rival my love for running 😉


Homemade pizza gf, paleo approved might also rival my love for running, (well… I might be getting carried away, but it is pretty darn good!)

Today was a lot of living and a little bit of running, (a lot for my team-mates who all ran amazing races!)  the boys got in plenty of vitamin D, we ate lots of yummy, nourishing food, and Ryan and I got a lot of chores done that I didn’t feel like you would all love a picture of 😉 (I should have made a video of me explaining how raspberry plants love old manure…the boys thought it was awesome mom was using poop to feed  her plants…awe, life with little people!)



Me sporting my new running shorts, looking the part, while tackling yard work.

So maybe it isn’t all about running, but I really love my running gear and I’m glad I love the sport like I do.  Thankfully I have companies like Oiselle, Hoka One One, and countless other awesome running brands to keep me public presentable and run-ready 24/7.


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