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Super Excited

There are several reasons I am SUPER EXCITED! somethings I can and will share with you and some I am not privy to be able to share, which if you know me at all, keeping secrets is not my strong suite.

First off:

I’m now officially a Oiselle Volee team member!  That’s right; I’m a bird!


This is has been a dream of mine for quite some time.  

Why do I love Oiselle?  While it might seem obsessive at times….I admire this company for everything they stand for.  

  • They’re a company that started up with he sole purpose to create a community for woman runners, which has transformed into thousands of runners united by the same cause….being a bad ass woman runner at every ability, at every distance, lifting each other up along all of our own unique journeys, all while rocking it in style.
  • They make cloths that fit me! This might seem a bit self-involved…but, I have a terrible time finding athletic clothing to fit my unique build.  I have a bigger chest, no hips, broad shoulders, and long arms that don’t allow me to enjoy thumbhole shirts, (which I love wearing).  If you have a hard time finding sport bras to fit you, (especially when you nurse and can fluctuate in cup size daily) check out their gifted verrazano bra!


Front view


Back view: I love that the bra is supportive for “bustier” girls without looking like there is a ton of fabric, having an un-flattering design, and requiring a crowbar to  get into it….this bra is non of those things!

I’m also incredibly excited about how I’m feeling on a higher fat, moderate protein, and lower carbohydrate diet.  I wouldn’t call what I’m doing “ketogenic”.  There are several reasons I am not going full-fledged keto; I’ll share in another post.  

However, I am really excited to see that my emotions seem to be much more balanced, (this is most evident in home-schooling Bodhi).  I DON”T CRAVE SUGAR!  In fact, the other day I had a couple pieces of dried mango and I couldn’t finish them.  I usually love dried mango, being able to consume pounds at a time.  I am noticing that I stay satiated much longer eating more fat and less carbohydrates with every meal.

More details to come in another post!  If you’re interested in learning about what I’m doing in greater detail, (however, this podcast doesn’t explain all of my own personal reasons for changing my nutrition) check out Runner’s Connect radio. 


Ben Greenfield talks about a ketogenic-like diet in relation to running and has a great way of making the information accessible to all.

I’m also very excited for my Nark Running Teammates running their races this weekend!  There are several races being ran and I am rooting for you all!  My coach will be competing as well; which, I am always impressed that he fits in the time for himself when he has as many athletes as he does.  I know he he will get his PB half marathon time; if not….it might reflect in our workouts…duh duh duh! 😉




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