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Run Nelly Run

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Some of my favorite things

I feel like the rigors of life and training can be all consuming; so while I’ve been taking it much easier I’ve been able to focus on the many other things that bring me so much joy.

Some of my favorite things as of late include:

Doing this workout!

I was always hesitant to do a lot of leg exercises towards the end of my training cycle.  I have realized some thins after this last marathon and one of those things I’ve come to understand is that I need to do more strength!

I am trying to build a base now…Hungry Runner Girl’s leg exercises are killer! I’m loving them!


My Hoka One One Clifton 2s! I am amazed how great my legs felt after I ran Boston. My legs continue to feel great and I attribute that to great coaching, consistency in training, and having shoes that work well with my legs!

An added bonus of the super-soled Hokas is their ability to take my stretching to an all new level…touching the ground while wearing these are a challenge!


Watching my oldest perform at “Parents Day”.  Bodhi was very insistent on me recording his performance so that Dad didn’t miss it…you don’t realize how much of an echo a church has until your child is yelling to “tape this mom” across the room at you 😉


Linking Logs.  I remember playing with these when I was a little person; I’m beyond happy that my boys are into playing with them too.  Bodhi is showing real potential as a future architect!



We saw some crazy looking buildings while we were in Boston…he must have found inspiration from our latest trip.


Waking up to this squishy sugar booger! Trout decided to wake up at 3ish this morning and wanted to watch Chuggington.  Needless to say, I was not ready to play, so I sleepily handed my phone with Chuggington on it and fell back asleep while he watched for a bit.  Trout was apparently tired from his morning Netflix party and looked super content sleeping in late.


Leggings that pass as pants!  I have been eyeing these pants over at Hungry Runner Girls blog. Janae shared where she got hers and I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a pair for myself.  I am in love!


I typically wear running cloths 24/7.  While I was training I had to make sure I was ready at a moments notice to sneak a run in when I could.  Taking some time off gives me the opportunity to wear “real” cloths 😉 Is it cheating that my pants are secretly stretchy leggings?  


I am in LOVE with this time of year when Ryan and I can get out and get off some of the million or so pieces of fur that shed all over our house.  Tulee and Rouix, our puppies, don’t like to be brushed all that much…but, I need some reprieve! I can easily vacuum every day and still never pick up all the fur.


The highlight of my day/week are these flowers!  During Bodhi’s program today, his teachers stood up and announced to those attending “parent’s day” that there was a parent they were very proud of that just finished running the Boston Marathon…and then presented me with these!  I have never had to fight back the tears so hard then that moment.  Thank you Cindy and Margi for orchestrating such a wonderful gift! I always laugh when I think how I see inspiration in others and find out they feel the same about me.  

Even though I harp on ND pretty bad at times…the people here are nothing less than wonderful.  I have never felt so appreciated, honored, lifted up by others then I have while living here. 


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