Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

I’ve got ants!

Okay, I realize it has only been a little over a week….but, I’ve got ants in my pants! 

I’m anxious to run more again! however, before my coach, (if he reads this) says I need rest, (which I know I do!) I am taking it much much more easy and trying to be as zen as possible about it.

Before you have me pegged as an OCD runner….I probably am 😉 but, running is my “down time” and with two very active little people in my life…down time makes for a much happier mom and kids.  

I have realized these past few days that I have been one creative mama fitting in the miles while training for Boston.  My schedule has me running every other day for very little mileage and I can barely sneak that in amidst the chaos.  I stand behind the theory that the busier you are, the more organized you tend to be.

What am I doing with all my free time?


apparently not keeping my house clean 😉 Can you spot the kettle bell? it’s like a where’s waldo for runners!


Bodhi started soccer! I coached the last couple of seasons and this time I’m a sideline parent; verdict in, I’m loving it!  I am going to admit something that might make me a terrible parent and lose some of my readers….but, I am way too competitive to be a soccer coach for a 5 year old team…yup, I’m terrible.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the coach that made the kids drop and do push-ups when the other team scored…I just didn’t know how to relax and let every plane that flew overhead be more important than the game, because, I clearly thought the game was more important and the little guys preferred the plane.

Bodhi misses his mom coaching, which makes me feel good that at least my crazy was not apparent to the littler kind.


However, I’m afraid my competitive edge might be rubbing off on my mini men.  Bodhi and his team mate were mulling over game play tactics while…


Trout was giving the other team the stink eye. Every time the other team scored he would yell,  “no!” He would see the other big boys doing it and he thought he was pretty cool following along; had to put a end to that quickly 😉

So, while I sit over here and go crazy from the lack of running…I will continue to commit to the cause, REST!  I will ache for down time when I am back at more miles or when life gets busy with soccer games on top of gymnastics along with swim lessons and a million other things we are fortunate to fill our lives with, (always come off complaining, but realize that we have it pretty good here!)

Oh! Bodhi wanted me to show off his sweet “bike skillz”


He asked for a bike with “gears” for his 6th birthday…we just might have to deliver 😉


Trout is rocking the strider!


To keep my runner monster at bay…Trout and I ran around playing soccer tonight…he was in love! I am not going to lie, I would love it if my boys loved soccer for the long haul! I loved going to the boys’ soccer games growing up, (it had nothing to do with the fact that I thought half of them were really cute, I swear!)



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