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Why I’m making a change with my nutrition

I get a lot of comments about how “super” my diet is.  I thought I would reflect a few moments on why I am making the change; helping those wondering why this “seemingly healthy” woman would want to do something different with her diet.

First and foremost…this has NOTHING to do with weight.  Yes, most of the time it seems that a change in dietary habits and weight loss go hand-in-hand..this is not the case.

Secondly, this is not a “diet”.  Diets are not meant for the long haul.  Diets are meant for failure, because they put restriction or limitations on what a person is allowed to eat…that all or nothing attitude is not one of someone who is typically successful.

Lastly, I am not saying that one way of eating is better than the rest…far from it! I think we all have a unique digestive tract that requires a life-time of paying attention to, fine-tuning when things seem a bit off…which is what I am doing.

So why and I making this change in my nutrition?

  1.  The biggest reason is hormones.  Hormones that are out of balance don’t just affect my period they affect the way I feel, my mood, energy levels, my health and the risk for something bad to happen (like my mom having a stroke at 48!) my relationships….EVERYTHING…being in balance is SUPER important to me.
  2. I have been eating gluten free and dairy free for 5 years now.  I feel good most of the time, but I still lack in energy and feel like there is just something that needs tweaking.
  3. I am interested to pursue running more and would like to make sure that I have my nutrition down before I get in the thick of things.  I want to always be kind to myself and put my health before any goal or dream involving running.  My body is a temple…it houses the spirit with which drives me in life’s endeavors….I strive to honor the vessel I’ve been given.
  4. My boys learn best through observation.  My goal as a mom is to set them up for success.  Showing Bodhi and Trout that health is ever evolving/changing and you won’t every have it right 100% of the time helps them become more self-aware humans.  I hope that they can see that their bodies will require moments of “tuning in” throughout their life to evaluate how things are going…if they aren’t going well…adjust….However, I don’t want them to be super paranoid human beings either…BALANCE.

These are my reasons.  However, I want to also say this.  I was watching a video Leanne made over at Healthful Pursuit.  Leanne talks about why most fail at going keto.  Long story short, she mentions that there is too much change that happens at once.  I have been evolving my diet for a while now, gluten and dairy free, cutting out most processed food, bottom line….I am not planning on diving off the deep end with no life vest.  I am approaching the change slowly.  I have people I am opening up to to make sure that what I am doing is best at this point in my life.  I am making sure that I am not doing anything that would hurt my son who is still nursing, and I am always being super cautious to make one change at a time so that my body has time to adjust.

Yes, this was a wordy post…MUST learn to set up a youtube video of me chatting about this! anyone interested in me doing that? if not…I will keep typing away in hopes that someone is nodding their head “yes” along with me 😉


CUTE TROUT PICTURE! had to do it! it’s my moral mother obligation!


One more! waiting for Big Brother at gymnastics today and I was blown away that he has grown up so fast! he is already putting down on the “look and find” book that I remember Bodhi doing the same with…where does time go?! agh!



  • Jennifer says:

    I’d totally watch your YouTube videos!!! I’ll listen to anything you have to say, I have always have had great respect for your knowledge of food and nutrition!! Xoxo

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