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Confronting the Crazy

I can’t speak for others, but I am one of those runners that between nursing a toddler and running more miles than the average bear has left my hormones all of over the place.  My cycle is here one moment, gone the next, or never ending all month long…I literally feel crazy.

I have decided once and for all to confront the crazy.  I strive for balance in many facets of my life so why would my hormones be any different?

Learning about nutrition, running, parenting….life has always been experienced best by using myself as the guinea pig.  I have learned that reading books, searching the internet far and wide to be a great tool for gathering information, but ultimately I can only truly understand something when personally experienced. 

Leanne Vogel, Holistic Nutritionist, over at Healthful Pursuit has been an instrumental part of my journey towards finding health through nutrition.  Leanne and I were both going through similar schooling at the same time…she continued on to the success she is now and I had babies 😉  While I know a lot about nutrition there’s a lot I don’t know or haven’t had the time to inform myself on….having her voice and experience out there for me to read has raised some great questions and has gotten me on a path towards hopefully hormone health/balance!

Leanne as well as my mom’s friend Wendy follow a Ketogenic diet.  If you’re interested in the diet in more detail I have a link here.  I’m still in the process myself trying to fully understand the diet and what it entails.  I have been toying with the idea of going keto with modifications due to my running and nursing; in fact I have a phone date with a very smart lady about nutrition this week!

However, I do know that cholesterol is the precursor to all of our hormones and the best way to help regulate or gain back hormone health is by eating higher fat foods. I am not going to go eating twinkies, sticks of butter, and fat off of steak, (the very thought makes me want to vomit)….I am on a path trying to figure out what works best for me! I want to be a distance runner, I want to get faster, I want to be able to still nurse if that’s what my son wants, all the while I want to have a regular/healthy period that includes monthly ovulation, (not because I want to have a million and one babies…but ovulation means my body is working in harmony….isn’t that a good thing baby or not?!)

I have chosen to share my journey with you in hopes that anyone else interested in diet and hormone health might find the urge to research the subject themselves.  I have realized that sharing my journey has helped others come to terms with their own imperfections and has made it easier for them to be able to work on finding their healthiest self…a win win in my book.

I’ll keep you posted with what I plan on eating, how it affects my training, as well as how I feel about life in general.  I guarantee it won’t be wonderful all the time…my body will go through it’s moment of healing, (healing holistically is like peeling back layers of an onion…there’s a lot of layers to go through before you reach balance/health).

I encourage you to share your own experiences in running and hormone health.  I think it’s a subject that’s starting to gain popularity, but still far from getting the attention it needs! I am on a mission for woman runners to rock the running world as well as maintain hormone balance…for now I will start with me!

On to today!

The granola I made, the one with lots of cashews, walnuts, chia seed, as well as dates, oats, coconut, and banana has been great in the morning! I felt full on a bowl until 2 pm! This was after I ran 4 slow miles as well as cleaned the house and ran errands.

Dinner tonight:


Greens from our basement, avocado, beets, sweet corn (per Ryan’s request 😉 ), carrots, and homemade vegan ranch dressing.  I also made turkey burgers with Shelton’s turkey meat, which is dark meat and higher in fat. Our burgers were moist, flavorful, and satisfying!


The boys and I were working on our art skills while it rained today 😉


I drew a T-rex for Bodhi.


and a trout for Trout 😉  Trout had a blast washing the window clean after Bodhi and I worked hard to create art…I had to take pictures quickly….that boy was not going to wait….he loves using spray bottles!




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