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Run Nelly Run

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Slowly making my way back

Recovery has been incredibly wonderful this go around! I feel like I trained a lot smarter for Boston than I did Grandma’s and I can already notice a difference in the way my body feels during this recovery period; great!

Ryan joined me for a 4 mile outing today.  I am pretty sure that by mile 2 he probably wanted me to get lost…I have an uncanny knack for talking too much and doing mini laps while he is merrily chugging along behind me….He is like Pepe le Pew….he is methodical and steady in his pace….he always seems to get wherever he is going comfortably and shockingly fast!


I had to take a picture of our “twin” moment.  While we were at the Boston expo I convinced him to try on a pair of Hoka Clifton 2s; it was love at first step!  Ryan has always had knees that ache while he runs, (at least at first).  I read up on Hoka and how they are great for people recovering from injury as well as dealing with knee pain; I’m hoping the Cliftons work!


I was back at pushing the tank today.  I noticed how pushing the two monkeys seemed a lot harder after running a marathon then it did before, great observations, right?!


I also got to wear my favorite Saucony shorts! The weather was chilly, but warm enough to take them out for a spin! I am anxious to test out the side pockets on my longer runs.  I like the idea of being able to carry fuel without having to wear anything extra.

I am determined to practice yoga on a more regular basis.  I would love to be able to practice daily at home, but somehow end up as the boys’ jungle gym and don’t feel like I’m getting anything relaxing out of it.  I plan on buying a frequent pass and heading to our local yoga studio at least once a week.  Ryan agreed that was a good idea, so I am hopeful I have one day on the weekend and one day during the week he is able to watch the boys for me; he is the best!


After yoga today I saw this gem!  Nora and all of those at the yoga studio who gave me support and encouragement! THANK YOU!  I swear I felt like a rock star.

In case you all thought this was worth knowing I had more sweat leave my body today than I thought was humanly possible!  I always feel incredibly after class and also incredibly gross…I love making the boys touch my yoga cloths! They think it’s gross and funny at the same time! life with boys 😉  

From yoga and feeling all cool to hanging with Trout during bath time trying to get me to drink his bath water….I swear, this is the life! I don’t know what I did on Saturday nights before kids…but, I’m pretty sure it was incredibly dull compared to my life now!


How do you say no to this face?!  

Slowly making my way back into more mileage and eventually training again.  For now, I am enjoying the life of leisure and soaking up the fact that I have more energy to chase the boys around while they scooter and I’m not SUPER hungry 24/7.  However, I do miss training and working towards a goal…soon enough! so relax it is for right now 😉

Good luck to those who run London marathon Tomorrow!

A special good luck to a fellow Narker, John Scudder who will be running London marathon as well as the other Nark runners running races this weekend! wishing you all speedy thoughts!

Also Tina Muir is running London tomorrow.  Tina Muir is an elite athlete who I stumbled upon when I got a suggestion from a fellow runner to check out her blog.  She has a great blog with a lot of helpful and personal insight about life as a runner and I encourage you to check her out; definitely worth the trip!  BEST OF LUCK TINA!




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