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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Out of all the holidays out there…this one means quite a lot to me!

I have always had a deep respect/affinity for the world around me.  I remember a weird job interview I had once where I was asked if I could be a tree what tree would I be…to my amazement, I knew immediately, (aspen) and then I also immediately thought, “only in Bozeman, MT ;)!”

Without the world around us, nothing would be possible! especially running!

I aspire to teach my boys to love and cherish the world they live in so that one day their kids can enjoy it too.  

In honor of Earth Day, what better thing to do than commute with nature!


These boys were out and about, biking, scootering, running, playing T-rex while I was a poor, helpless myosaura, kicking around the soccer ball, and playing basketball.  The only time we were indoors was for schooling and food.

To honor everything green…..what better lunch than this!


I’m loving a higher fat diet! It leaves me fuller much longer and I’m not craving the white stuff, (aka sugar) nearly as much.  I am going to have to adjust once I start running more…but, with my first 4 SLOW miles back after Boston…I’m more focused on getting used to a change in diet rather than worrying about having to accommodate for training, (which I’m assuming will be a while before I’m hitting it hard again).


Tonight, the boys and I were back at it again with the outdoor happenings!  We are enjoying the beautiful weather.


I don’t think I’m destined to graze the cover of any magazines…but, pictures with this boy always makes me feel beautiful <3

This boy has me wrapped around his finger!  Hearing him say how much he loves the earth and asking how he can make it stay beautiful makes me melt! 


Mother Earth, we love you.  You give us so much to be thankful for…the ability to run in the beauty of a sunrise, nights played outdoors while the sunsets, barefoot and carefree soccer games in the green grass, mountains that take your breath away, trees…sigh….trees! (anyone else a dork about trees?)…I could go on and on!



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