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Boston, here we come!

Packing for Boston has been rough!  I shouldn’t complain, after all, I’m headed to Boston!  But, a mom should be able to complain after trying to pack for my boys and myself…it’s tough!

The key to surviving getting ready for any trip is to try to keep your littles entertained/worn out as much as possible.

The boys have the privilege of learning art at our local art museum every other Wednesday and this was our week to participate in “Start in Art”.  I really wanted to stay home and clean, pack, get ready…but, I knew that my boys would be much happier if they got out.


Nothing proves how much Trout has grown up more than watching him participate in art!  He went from a baby who would try to eat paint, glue, whatever was non-toxic…but surely not meant for ingestion…to a little man creating art with his big bro.


These boys grow too fast and continue to form this amazing bond that literally makes me want to cry…I am a complete sap knowing that either one of them would do anything for the other…they are completely loyal…it is the best feeling in the world!


I had to show off Bodhi’s art!  It has been fun to watch his artwork grow/change as he’s gotten older.  He is bound for greatness.


What does a mother do when she has to get serious about packing for a trip? Offer to take her boys out for a gluten free cookie after art….what was I thinking?!


Trout kept screaming “cookie cookie cookie” down the sidewalk….Hoping this will ware him out so I can get packing done 😉

Thankfully, I have awesome friends and family who have helped give me advice on packing; giving advice on what to bring and what not to bring.

It is now WAY past my bedtime, but I am finally done with packing and ready to travel with the nuggets and Ryan tomorrow to Boston, BOSTON! eek!  

Anyone interested in buying pro compression socks should! I ordered a pair a couple of days ago and they already came, JUST IN TIME! (I wasn’t expecting to get them in time…it was a pleasant surprise!)


I’m hoping that between my “unique” running form, (I’m just one of those people you can pick out of a crowd of runners) and these bright socks…Ryan and the boys will be able to spot me!


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