Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Another Year Older!


Later 31! It’s been a great year, filled with lots of great memories:

Grandma’s marathon BQ

PR in my half marathon

PR in 10K

PR in 5K

Meeting and running with some of the most incredible people in this entire world!

Started blogging and getting better aquatinted with the tech world

Started running with the Nark running family

Of course there is a million and one other great memories that don’t include running; but my blog is called run nelly run after all 😉

I have a lot of hopes for a great year ahead, but just like every year of my life I take it day by day and find the joy in the moment.  

My running plans for this year are:

Run Boston in less than a week!

Run a half marathon down in Sheridan, just for fun of course!

Run my first ultra marathon, 50K Bighorn race in WY

Run Bozeman marathon in the fall

and I’m sure I will participate in a few local 5 and 10 K races

This year is about gaining more experience while also learning to moderate training so I’m not dipping into my reserves, (I don’t want to continue to have hormonal issues).  I have career aspirations too….not ready to divulge yet!

Thank you to all of you who gave me Birthday wishes! It is always touching to realize how many people care and take time out of their day to let you know they’re thinking of you.




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