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Count Down Begins & saying goodbye to 31

With Boston one week away, the count down has begun!

My schedule has me running much more than I ever did with my last marathon….however, I have a coach and I believe he knows best….so run I will!


I am loving my stroller runs! I feel like myself when I’m hauling 135 lbs around town with my 2 puppy loves by my side; pure bliss!


Still chilly air, but there was little wind! I feel like I’m flying when I’m not pushing this beast into the wind! kudos to those who run in perpetually windy weather…that would ruin it for me.

I got in my last strength day of the training cycle.  I haven’t been going to the gym to train…just using my kettle bells at home, doing burpees, push-ups, pull-ups (thanks to my husband’s great gift giving skills), and carrying my boys around, (which is weight training enough as it is).


Weight training in my basement feels like working out in the early 90’s when black lights were all the rage….But, I get fresh salad greens daily…so I’m not complaining!

Tonight, I had some friends over to celebrate a training season coming quickly to an end.  I really feel like my journey towards Boston has already come into fruition.  I have already conquered Boston by working hard every day with some amazing people running by my side, (or running far away in NY).  

The joy is in the journey and it has been a great trip getting to the stating line.  I have had more than not great running days.  I have built friendships/bonds with some amazing women that have taught me so much about life and friendship while ticking away the miles.

Tomorrow will be the end of my stint as 31 and I welcome 32 with everything that it has to offer!  I look at my Birthdays as a gift, a day to celebrate one more year of life I was given and able to enjoy.  Thank you to all the great memories 31…may being 32 bring many more amazing adventures!


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