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Mental Toughness

I am still in shock that Boston is literally days away.  While, I sit here and continue to let that sink in…I’ll recap on the last few days of training and the real tool for getting you to the finish line come marathon day.

Last long run yesterday!


Brittney, you look great as always! I just can’t take a photo 😉

We ran the first 10 of my 15 together.  I love running with friends! time flies by when you are having fun catching up.  However, wind or no wind, (which it was crazy windy! 28 degrees and 28-30 mph winds that swirled…so no way to get away from them) this lady and I always seem to run faster than I’m supposed to!

Running with Brittney is like drinking a cup of coffee before heading out for a run….it gets you all pepped up and before you know it you’ve finished your run in half the time prescribed!  She is crazy speedy/strong!  I try not to fixate on my watch when I’m out with my girls…I don’t realize the fowl up until much later and all I can do is shrug it off and chalk it up to another day of therapy combined with running 😉


The wind never let up, but my boys needed their exercise too….to the playground we went!


Pleasant twist….Dad joined us! yay for weekends!


The boys appreciate his playful energy! I am usually so busy trying to get them from point A to point B while also multitasking the rest of life in between that I’ve definitely become the not-as-fun parent;  I can accept that.


Wind or no wind…I was determined to get some sun on my VERY pale legs!  I am pretty sure that I will show up to Boston blinding everyone running around me….I need more vitamin D/sun in my life!


Today I had 8 easy miles.  The wind graced me with its presence again; I looked at it as preparation for whatever mother nature decides to produce marathon Monday.

On to the thing I wanted to share!

Training, getting in the miles, having the right gear….these things are all very important to accomplishing a marathon.  

The one thing you can’t buy or get from anyone else is mental toughness.  Being mentally tough will allow you to overcome all/most obstacles that training alone can’t.  I will go as far as to say that if two athletes are identical in physical condition…but one is mentally more prepared than the other…the mentally tougher one will win every time.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am the most prepared I can be physically for Boston.  However, mentally, that is something that I am going to have to continue to work on up until race day.  How am I working on my mental toughness?

  1. Realizing/accepting that I am going to feel uncomfortable at some point and be okay with that idea.  I’ve birthed two children…you’d think I would have this in the bag! at the end of child birth you get a beautiful gift…after running hard at a marathon you chaff in places you didn’t think humanly possible, there’s no cute baby constellation prize!
  2. Acting like I don’t own a treadmill for the last few days.  This one is important to me.  I want to run in rain or shine, sleet or snow, wind or calm….I am trying to get prepared for anything that may come, (Of course I did a lot of training in tough weather this cycle….but, I need to stay strong until the end).
  3. Set aside time every day to visualize myself doing well at Boston.  Visualization is a powerful tool.  I have used this since I raced alpine in High School.  I think it’s incredibly beneficial to see yourself running the race, imagining feeling strong, and finishing with a smile, (at least that’s my goal!)
  4. Probably the most important way I’m going to work on my mental toughness is learning to trust and let go.  You can’t predict every moment of a race.  But, if you can get out of your own head and believe that you have what it takes….things like “heartbreak hill” will be just another hill to climb on the road to success.

How do you work on mental toughness?

Who else is running Boston?


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