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With or Without

As I near my taper, (I’ve got one more long run to go!) I have realized that I am going to have to get creative about relaxing.  

With or without training, an impending marathon, or an illness (which we all just got over) life goes on.  


Trout has officially learned how to scooter and now I have two monkeys to chase after and worry about a car hitting 🙁


Bodhi is currently a paleontologist, cowboy, and superhero wrapped up in one cute little package….He has me busy trying to keep up with all of his alter egos!


Tapering in my world means not running a gazillion miles, but still having to chase after these two!

I read a lot about the taper being a very difficult time in a runner’s life.  Tapers cause great anxiety, phantom pains, the self-doubt monster pays a visit….However, I don’t know if it’s because I still haven’t really reached my taper or that motherhood hasn’t allowed me the luxury to sit and contemplate, but I have had zero reservations about cutting down on my running and trying to “take it easy” before the big event, (aka Boston).

Thankfully, I did get sick before the marathon.  Getting sick was a blessing in disguise! While I was down and out I realized two things:

  1. You can’t control what you can’t control! I can do all the things I want right with my health…but if I am asking too much of myself illness is bound to happen at some point.
  2. Even if I do get held back with feeling sick…I shouldn’t worry about “losing” all the training I did before coming down with a bug.  Picking up training where I left off wasn’t necessarily smooth at first…but, I’m back at it in full force and the break was actually really good for me!

These next 10 days or so are going to go on with or without a marathon on the horizon.  My boys are going to be busy and I am going to have to keep up.  Again, it will be about finding creative ways to let me body unwind.

Even if I don’t get to put my feet up like I’d like to…I am definitely bumping up my greens and nutrition, (and WATER!)





Notice a pattern?!  Having the ability to go down to my basement and cut myself a salad is pretty amazing…I’m SPOILED.  I definitely have beefed up my salads with lots of protein and healthy fat, (avocado, vegan ranch dressing, sunflower seeds…..all my favorite salad toppings!)

Of course I eat more than salads….but, can you ever really eat enough greens? I know I don’t feel like I can.

Because critter #1 and #2 have been so great about running with me these last few weeks I treated them to new collars!


Bodhi picked out Tulee’s collar; she’s so pretty!


Regal Rouix! I love how he looks like he has lips…I admit I grab him by the snout and smooch them daily…I am weird, I know!

Speaking of weird/crazy/all of the above….Bodhi has been driving us CRAZY with wanting to camp! weather has been less than great and Ryan and I are not ready to head up north to really camp……….



Anyone itching to camp out in ND….we’ve got the room, (and an air mattress…Ryan refuses to sleep on the ground in our backyard)…I gave him grief, we’ve gotten ND soft! I’m not proud, but it is what it is 😉

Hoping all of those hitting their taper find peace in the fact that it’s a very important part of training…trust the process!





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