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Working out the Kinks

With Boston quickly approaching I have been attempting to get my “ducks in a row” sort-of-speak.  I have the training under my belt; feeling comfortable and confident in the fact that I’ve done everything I can to have a great race.

However, I haven’t ran very many marathons, only 2 in fact…so thinking about fueling and clothing has been something I’ve never done before.

Weather is an uncontrollable variable….it will either rain or shine, blow or be calm, freeze or cause me to rethink wearing one too many layers….I have no control over what it so to come.   I am not completely control-less in the fact that I can be prepared with the right kind of clothing.

I don’t normally run with hats…but I bought one in attempt to test it out before the race day, (in case of rain…I don’t want to worry about rain in my eyes).


A black hat seemed perfect.  I’m not flashy or have very little desire to stand out other than for my boys, (I want them to be able to recognize their mom!)  I love Solomon for skiing.  Unfortunately, the hat fit great in my house…but immediately after running in some crazy headwinds today…I had to adjust my hat and keep it from blowing off one too many times….the hat was a fail and it’s back to the drawing board.

Thankfully I already have a singlet provided by my coach so I don’t have to worry about the top half.


 I will admit I feel funny wearing a singlet…not because of the association..that part I feel nothing but honored to be wearing the same logo as so many amazing runners.  I just really love the idea of showing up to a race being as inconspicuous as possible.  I don’t ever want to come off like I believe I’m a bigger deal than I am…does that make sense?  Those who wear singlets earn them…I’m just a mom of 2 boys who has run 2 marathons and has no idea what she is doing 😉

I plan on wearing my favorite compression socks and my Hokas.  I bought a running belt to hold my gel in and electrolytes, (running with celiac means brining your own fuel).

Thankfully I’ve been fueling with Huma and I’ve been having great success.  I will be using huma gels as well as Skratch labs electrolyte drink mix…I can’t drink or eat what Boston will be providing, which means packing along my food…it’s not ideal…but it must be done! I’ve been doing it in all of my training and I’m prepared to lug around packets of huma and a disposable canteen of Skratch drink.


I do not like the chocolate and coffee flavor…so I will be taking along my fruit flavored huma gel!


Working out the kinks and shaking out my nerves.  It is crazy how fast Boston has come and I’m trying to enjoy every last day of training until marathon day comes!  Giving birth has been great training for this….you could go crazy at the end waiting to give birth…but I always chose to enjoy the moments being pregnant because I knew that after I gave birth I would miss having them in my belly! I will miss training and preparing for Boston…it sounds crazy right now…but, I know I will!


Thank you to my sweet friend Sarah for another great, crazy windy (like swearing in my mind every second kind of windy…had my boys in tow), but great run today!


geez o pete! I take some crazy photos 😉

I even sported earrings and my hair didn’t yank them out! Trying to hone in my inner girl 😉





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