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Run Nelly Run

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Calm before the Hustle

Today was a much needed day off! 

I ran a lot this weekend with my beloved stroller and boys again…my legs were more than okay…my arms are still adjusting.

Today’s prescribed run…no run! phew!  Sometimes a break is just what the body needs to head back out full force.

Our morning started EXTRA lazy!


Trout sleeps in bed with us so waking up to this face is a regular occurrence…one I wouldn’t change for the world!  

In case you wonder if co-sleeping messed up our oldest…Bodhi sleeps willfully in his own bed and once in a while will kindly tell his Dad to quit brining him in our room to sleep…he needs his space! gotta love that man! (I’m sure it’s a case by case thing…Trout will probably be sleeping in bed with us until he’s 40 😉 ).

Back to our lazy morning… was nice and leisure….I really love a variety of early morning runs, sleeping in with no running, or sleeping in with later in the day running….I’m not one for routine.


Of course, the day I have more energy to cope with my boys’ excessive arguing, (as of late)…they decide to pour on the charm and get along all the live long day.  However, I’m not complaining! I have always told Ryan that my biggest goal in life is to make sure that our children are the best of friends…it’s not my job to see them through this life, I hope and pray that they will always be there for one another!

No run doesn’t mean no activity.  I picked Bodhi up at his usual Tuesday hangout and brought along our “casual” double stroller, (aka….used for walking through Disney land..not running with).  I loaded the boys up and away we went trekking up hills and working up probably more of a sweat then I do when I’m running with our chariot….ooops!

Another lazy-day/rest day tradition is baking or cooking something more labor intensive; I decided on both….made my homemade turkey meatballs with roasted spaghetti squash and gluten free garlic bread as well as gluten free blondies.

Let me tell you something about these blondies…they are Ryan’s absolute favorite sweet in the whole world.  I might have not been the most amazing wife to come home to yesterday….blame it on lack of sleep, help, being sick for too long, and my patience being tried.  I hoped to make up for my lameness by baking him a batch of his favorite “love substitute” i.e. cookies 😉


The secret is to sub half the butter for applesauce, (not because Ryan is watching his figure…it just makes them chewier/fudge-like), add more flour than recipe calls for, and under bake.  I swear by these for anyone wanting to woo their husband or someone who is testing their will to not overindulge…I have to convince myself “one is enough” every time I take a bite!

Tomorrow I have speed work.  I typically look forward to speed work, but I miss running at the track with the local running group here…it brought a social aspect to an otherwise daunting task that kept it fun and lighthearted in spite of the hard work we were putting in.  

I really do like and appreciate the social side of running….I’m learning this about myself.

My goal with my speed work tomorrow is to go by effort and not by my watch….I’m interested to see what happens!




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