Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

My Favorites of the moment

My favorites as of this moment are:


Running with my stroller again!  26 miles pushing this beast in 3 days…..feeling good and my arms are feeling stronger already!


Playground weather; the boys and I were at the point in our winter relationship where we were feeling entirely too cooped up.  Today was yet another trip to our new favorite playground, (there is very few people and garbage at this location…both a win in our world…we tend to be anti-social on our playground outings).


More playground photos…Trout is old enough where he and Bodhi can really play and run around together…it is so much fun to watch!


Homemade vegan ranch dressing.  Bodhi and I have been getting more than our share of greens for the day.  Bodhi won’t touch anything without my ranch dressing…it’s so easy!

Ranch Dressing

Vegan mayo, (grapeseed variety)

Lemon juice or vinegar

Dried dill

Dried onion powder

Dried garlic powder

Salt & pepper to taste

This stuff is amazing on everything!  I caught Bodhi licking his fingers as he was wiping his bowl clean 😉

My new favorite blog: Paleo Running Momma.  I love Michele and her writing style.  I find I follow bloggers who I can almost hear speak while they’re typing…know what I’m talking about?  She has three kids, (which I hope to have some day) found her ideal way of eating (i.e. paleo), and she is a runner…all things I admire and adore.


I saw one of her most recent recipe posts “Flourless Caramel Chocolate Chunk Frosted Fudge Brownies” (phew! quite the mouth full….but I wouldn’t mind a mouthful of them so typing that was worth the extra hand cramp 😉 )


I tend to eat with my eyes first….so these were a win before I even read the recipe.  Between a healthy dose of chocolate as well as coconut and cashew butter….it’s safe to say that I will be making these soon!

On a side note…totally pertaining to chocolate and all things sweet….After fighting this fun bug over here in our world…I’ve had to really fight the urge to not eat a whole pound of sugar a day.  It’s crazy how those bugs can hold on for dear life and have you craving sweet so they can stick around a little bit longer!  Training for a marathon and nursing simultaneously doesn’t help my sugar monster either!

And the final thing I am loving right now……

Watching those around me kick serious butt!

I have friends/running mates over in NY that are defying the odds and showing up regardless of wind and weather.  I have watched these folks from afar and have admired their strength and tenacity.  

Some of them ran in the Syracuse Half Marathon…wow!

I live in cold country….so when I say WOW….you can rest assure that they are truly tough, truly strong, and truly  the real deal! congrats to all of the Nark running team….I am constantly blown away by their accomplishments!




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