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Getting back to my roots

It’s funny how training for a marathon in the winter can really change your perspective on running. 

This winter has been a lot more solo runs on the treadmill or facing the cold head-on with my fearless friends Sarah and Brittney.  However, something changed in me throughout this process and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was:

was it the lack of sleep from waking early to run on the treadmill?

was it having a coach who lives far away and missing the face-to-face aspect?

was it the fact that my youngest is getting older, nursing is more sporadic, and I got my period back after three years of not having it?

was it the fact that I just can’t seem to get a break with how my body is feeling and fighting a bug, vertigo, crazy hormone-related issues?

I think I could probably say yes to about all of those questions.  But today….after I had wrapped up my weekend of running solo, (meaning no husband to take boys so trekking it with the stroller again) I realized that I was missing what made me feel unique in a world where you could easily get swallowed in a sea of comparison, competition, who’s PR is better than who’s.  My niche, getting back to my roots meaning running with my stroller….taking my boys with me, dogs on either side, and feeling like a bad ass mama as well as enjoying the fact that I have my loves along for the ride!


At the end of the day…we always have to remind ourselves, “why do I do what I do?” and “am I being my most authentic self” I have been trying to live the life of an “elite” athlete and forgot that it’s who I am as an individual that inspires me to run…not what I am supposed to look like in the process.

I forgot how much I love pushing my stroller awkwardly around town enjoying a run while simultaneously exercising my furry children….this is why I fell in love with running to begin with! My relationship with running has always been about not trying to work in a run around the rest of my life…it has been about making it part of my life!   These past few months I have been trying to separate the two, (my life and running) and it has left me disenchanted.

Granted I had winter weather that didn’t allow me to get runs done with a stroller…Having a goal of how fast I wanted to go and how well I wanted to do made running at leisure less possible.

I wasn’t able to go out and run as far as I felt without worrying about the mileage or my pace….I missed the adventure that went along with that!

Winter weather or not…from here on out, (until Boston) and there after…I am choosing to take it back to my roots and make running a family affair.  I don’t mind asking my boys to sit and hang out for a bit, (they don’t mind either)…I’m teaching them the importance of being active…that and I’m really freakin lucky to get to be at home with them all day….the run is a much needed break!

Aside from running more with the stroller again….we are getting back to our habit of walks in the evening and the occasional Tutti Frutti stop 😉 


See! ridiculousness! I usually have a bike or scooter on top of the stroller after one or both boys peter out during our walks


God Bless dairy free sorbet soft serve! and bobas….little balls of fruit juice…my boys are smitten


Trout has been loving napping again in the stroller! my runs usually mean nap time for the T-man

My friend and fellow runner, Jessica, who I might add is an amazing, speedy, and down-to-earth runner mama whom I admire tons!  She and I were talking about our woes today and she mentioned her sugar monster taking over with training.


Jessica, if you read this, sugar monster is very much real in my world too right now!  I’m trying to make it healthier by using sun butter and dates….


Somehow chocolate always finds it way into the equation! 😉






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