Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

This is why I LOVE running!

I did it!

I successfully ran 6 miles warm up with stroller, 10 miles goal marathon pace on treadmill, and 6 cool down miles with stroller again…22 miles of mama running in all its glory!

Did it look perfect? Heck no!  Did I have to stop and change outfits a couple of times, (because winter decided to come again)? Yup! Did I make french toast quickly during my quicker stint on the treadmill?ask Trout, he’ll tell youthe toast was good 😉


Today, getting what I needed to get done with a lot of creativity and motivation on my behalf…made me realize that this is why I love running!  I don’t do it for the glitz and the glam, the recognition, (I will say that the amount of likes and compliments on instagram were pretty great), or to punish my body…I really love running; today’s run rekindled the love.

Running and everything that it has to offer translates a lot to my life outside of my running gear.

While I’ve been training for Boston I have tried to remind myself that while Boston is important, it is ONE DAY amongst many many other days of running leading up to the race.  

It’s a lot like marriage and the infamous “wedding day”…so much expectation and heartache seems to go into planning for a wedding.  The bride has every last detail figured out down to the color of confetti to be thrown at the processional…but what if the confetti doesn’t get thrown? what if your hair is dyed black by a novice hairdresser and you end up looking like the bride of frankenstein, (yup…that was me)….does that mean your marriage is in shambles?  I would hope not!  

The same idea goes with motherhood, pregnancy, and childbirth.  Again, so much emphasis is placed on the “birth day”…but, a woman is pregnant for 10 months, (yes, 10 not 9…or 11 like me) and then after the birth she is a mother until the day she dies…..what if the birth doesn’t go according to “plan”? what if all the prep work you did to have a natural birth goes south when your child decides they want to enter the world butt first? 

See where I’m going with this?

It’s okay to plan for “the big day”….but I am constantly striving to focus on the everyday.  Today, running and I worked together…between my oh-so patient boys, my beast of a stroller, and my love for the sport….I showed up, got it done, and ended my run with a big fat smile.

Having a run like today, rekindling the romance….these are all things I know are going to help me when the “big day” comes.  

Photo recap of our morning!



Yesterday….this happened.  By night time the snow was gone….air was still windy and chilly!


Obligatory scooter and bike ride in order before sitting in the stroller for a while tomorrow!


7:30 am (later start then normal)…boys tucked away snuggly with iPad and trains in tow


6 miles down…10 to go at marathon pace….Tulee seems to find me running on the treadmill entertaining…wonder what she’s thinking?!


Run #2!


long sleeve thermal, down vest, rain coat on top….shorty shorts on the bottom…..I know I looked crazy 😉

I chose to wear my shorts that I plan on wearing at Boston in attempt to toughen up my skin in anticipation of cold weather in Boston. They’re kind of bright…kind of ugly…perfect for Ryan and the boys to spot me!)  I ran the 2nd 6 miles more comfortable and surprisingly faster, (that wasn’t my intent…just a happy coincidence).

Success! no handstand shot 😉 I decided to hit up my friend Sarah’s offer to bring boys over to her pool to have a swim….Between running and hanging out at a pool with the boys….I’m ready to eat lots of healthy food and rest for the rest of the day!

Happy racing weekend! I’ve got quite a few Nark running friends racing this weekend and I know they are going to do great! they are a strong group of runners!








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