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Contemplating Divorce

I am contemplating divorce with my treadmill! I am officially ready for outdoor running full time….even if that means pushing two healthy-weighted boys around in an already heavy stroller…yup, it’s really come down to this 😉

Sorry Nordic Trek! it has nothing to do with you, it’s me! I’m tired of playing with the incline, sweating profusely…your fan never getting me cool enough, and while I love my children…I do not love playing referee between the two while I’m trying to squeeze in a 10 mile run via hamster wheel.

Maybe some time apart will heal all wounds….for now….I think we need our space.


Really.  How much more exciting can the same photo get?  I played with the incline between .5%-10% and I just wasn’t getting my usual fun-filled feeling….I am just really ready for spring!

My weekend long run calls for 22 miles total with half of those at goal marathon pace.  My plan of action:

Ryan gone, means I’m flying solo.

Not willing to spread the viral fun we’ve been dealing with…so not willing to pass kids off on to friends.

6 miles warm up pushing stroller outside

10 miles on the treadmill at goal marathon pace

6 miles cool down pushing stroller outside



Thule….if your out there! please consider me as an ambassador!  I have burned through 3 of these bad boys from using them every day for the past 6 years!!!!!

My boys have grown entirely too fast!


These two can drive me absolutely bananas and in the same breath melt me into a puddle of mom mush.


Parenthood…it isn’t for everyone….but it definitely is worth all of the gray hairs, trial and error, and sleepless nights….one kiss from your little one and it negates any of the negative.



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