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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Speed Work

Speed work….how I loath thee at this moment!

2.5 mile warm up 

7 x 5 minutes at a cruise pace, (meaning faster then 1/2 marathon pace) with 90 seconds recovery in-between each set

cool down to 10 miles

Normally, I face speed work head on; I am not one to shy away from a challenge…But, to beat a dead horse, I’m still not feeling really well so today stunk!

I am a firm believer that if you don’t have your health you don’t have much! How are you supposed to enjoy life if you feel sh*tty all the time?

The entire time I was thinking…”my legs feel great! the rest of me needs to catch up!”  patience….must practice patience!

Reading Michele’s recent speed work speed bump really helped me put it into perspective; we all struggle sometimes!  If I chose to let one bad speed work day or a week and a half of feeling blah dictate my attitude about my training experience so far for Boston….I would be crazy!


Thanks to Robin over at Knead to Cook for sharing these words of wisdom

Having a less than desirable half marathon a couple of weeks ago followed by sickness throughout our entire house…I am choosing to look at it all as a opportunity for growth.  I am learning that my body requires some TLC, (even if I’ve been told that I would be the person to have on your team in a zombie apocalypse 😉 )  I am also learning that with illness, especially of the viral kind, time heals all…..If you think you can take some cold/flu medicine and go about your day, wrong! the body takes time to heal….it also doesn’t care if your in the middle of marathon training or not!

Speed work, I’m out to get you! just not anytime soon 😉

Now perspective at it’s finest!


Grandma got the boys a gift card at our local book store! they were more than thrilled to cash it in 😉  Trout and Bodhi’s latest obsession….dinosaurs.


Remember my blueberry obsession?  Trout has a slight blueberry affinity too.


While I’m bitching about being sick…this kid is learning about more important things like Abe Lincoln and his role in the abolition of slavery.  Bodhi is wise beyond his years! he said to me that he never noticed people’s skin color until he started school….funny how the seed isn’t planted until us adults muddle things up.

when all else in life seems a little off……


Ice-Cream!  When I was in Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon we ate at the Duluth Grill.  They served chocolate avocado sorbet and I’ve been craving it ever since…until tonight!  avocado + coconut milk + maple syrup + cacao powder + water + vanilla that’s it!

I apologize for the sad sac I’ve been lately! I am going to talk about my race plans and what I want to do after Boston in future posts!





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