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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

The Cats Away…

The cats away and the mice are eating dinner at 3:30 and hoping bedtime is no later then 6 pm.

I live basically a single-parent lifestyle…but, just having Ryan check-in in the evenings makes a huge difference!

Of course he has to plan on a fishing trip around the time we undertake a huge epidemic!  I’m pulling out all the stops trying to get this viral thing out of our house!


boys begged me for a slumber part in our living room…it wasn’t hard for me to cave 😉

Humidifier: check!  Added drops of “breath” oil and hoping that between the humidity and the oils…we will have the best rest yet!


Air purifier: check! I don’t know if this is counterproductive with all the oils I’ve been diffusing…but, the house just smells “sick”….TMI? I’m sorry!


No surface in my home is without a nerf gun, darts, or something “boy” related!

Finally, my diffuser! I’ve got oils diffusing from here, oils from the humidifier….don’t worry though…I realize how potent oils are….we are using the bare minimum!  I never want to bring up something that could potentially become controversial…that’s not my blog’s M.O.  

While Ryan is away it is me and no one else…meaning, running and then rest for the rest of the day!  Schooling while lounging on the couch and only moving around to cook meals….I NEED TO GET BETTER!

My run today was probably too much! gees! moderation lady!


Thankfully I only had my littlest nugget in the stroller…but I still feel the burn when I’m pushing it up over 3.5 miles worth of hills!


Hoka One One; be still my beating heart! I’m forever yours! (or until Saucony or Brooks makes the rotation).

Real life problem #155, (some random number)….my knees hate my rain boots, but the shred of fashion sense I try to hold onto says…suck it up and either grow longer legs or ignore the fact that my knees barely make it over the top of my boot….problems…real problems folks.


I always laugh when people will comment that I look tall from all of my pictures only to meet me and be confused as to where my height went….I’m not the shortest person in the world!

I envy the long legs I meet when showing up at the start line to many a race….for every step long-legged people are taking…I’m taking 5!  at least I don’t have far to fall 😉  

Bodhi is convinced he will pass me in height by 10….I’m giving him until 8!

It’s 7:20, Curious George is playing, and I’m trying to get the boys wound down…where is the dark when you need it!  It’s always hard the first couple of days adjusting without Dad…then we get into a groove.  Hoping my boys realize I’m half as strong as I usually am and cut me a break!





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