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Finding Inspiration & How I Fuel

I am in complete awe of those who can run without any distraction, i.e. music, podcasts, chattering toddlers/children….it is not something I’m good at nor do I feel I would benefit from; the idea of complete silence, solitude for an extended period of time….I signed up for parenthood….that’s not any of those things, ever.

My latest fix while running, especially longer runs is listening to podcasts.  My line-up as of late is:

Real Runner’s Chat


Running On Om (Roo)


The Joe Rogan Experience


Cooking with the Moms


Sad as it may sound, podcasting is my link to the “outside” world.  Go ahead, start feeling sorry for me right about now 😉

I really do enjoy setting the time aside, (i.e. running) and putting on a podcast and tuning in to what the rest of the world has to offer…I have yet to have felt disappointed.  My latest addiction, The Joe Rogan Experience was suggested to me by my brother.  I would have never chosen this on my own, but, I’m so glad I know about it.  Joe Rogan is insanely smart, witty, funny, down-to-earth, and I’m pretty sure he’s found every possible way to use the F word in some profound way! I also like that when I tune in…I feel like I’m listening to my brother talk…it’s kind of religious for me….creepy, but true.

Anyways….my last run I was listening to a ROO podcast and Julia had another great guest on.  This particular woman was sharing her own journey through an eating disorder…besides the obvious connection, her wisdom and how she spoke about healing, (coming from a place of acceptance not blame or shame)…was transformative for me.  If you’re not a runner, don’t care about podcasts…but you have a shred of humanity in you…please check this podcast out!  click here to listen to Melody Moore…she has inspired me in more ways than one! 

Out with the deep and on with the fueling talk! I received my shipment from amazon prime today!


Huma gels!  These are little pouches of goodness! I can’t say enough good things about huma gels.  I was introduced to them by my smart, sweet, funny, oh-so-inspiring friend Sarah.  Besides  having celiac and being limited by that alone, I’m not a huge fan of most fuel out there for runners.  I used to re-energize with the little pouches of fruit from Target meant for my toddler. It still is my go-to in a pinch…but I love huma gels and am now a convert. 


My other love is Skratch labs.  I have never used this particular flavor…but, I’ve tried everything else without disappointment….so I made the leap of faith.  I will by trying this stuff out for my hard week day workout as well as my final long, long run before Boston..du du duh!

Hoping all of your Mondays went well! If your’s was like mine…it meant a day off from running, however, not a day off from life!   Hoping we finally kick this nasty bug in the butt this week! I’m over it and it’s safe to say my boys are too.



Do any of you have podcasts that inspire you? 

Do you have any fueling advice or ill advice?, (like….don’t try eating 3-day old cold pizza during a race…I’m grabbing at straws here…but you get my drift 😉 )

I have to share my biggest inspiration!


This man! No matter how crazy his mom/teacher/cook/driver is…he always manages to pull out the good guy move of the day!  Him and I can be at complete odds….but all he has to do is hug me and tell me there is no other mom for him…..and I’m mush!  I love my Bodhi!

We were doing school today and he kept blowing my mind with how much he loves reading and writing…my genes must be buried in there somewhere! 😉



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