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Happy Easter! Photo Bomb Alert

Being sick along with trying to maintain some semblance of normal has taken all of my energy these days….so no blog yesterday.  But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have proof that we were alive, well, and busy all the live long day yesterday.


It was really nice so I decided that the boys were required to walk with their mom.  Trout doesn’t do anything his brother doesn’t…so if Bodhi wears a helmut on our walk/scooter ride….Trout wears his helmut too!


We have a little gem here in town that gives us the “feeling” of being out in the country…but is literally 5 minutes away from home.


Yes, if you lift your head up too high…you can see houses at times….We’ll take what we can get 😉


I am always amazed how steep and hard this hill is to push a burly stroller up…everyone’s looking at me like, “why isn’t she pushing that thing faster?!”


Rouix rallies up it with no problem at all!  See, it’s like our own private little oasis 😉


I baked this yesterday!  I was asked by someone in town to make her son and family his first Birthday cake; a huge honor!  I made chocolate espresso cake with chocolate buttercream, (the cake gluten free and the frosting vegan).  I made a chocolate sweet potato cake with coconut milk whipped frosting for the little guy…I hope they liked it!


I had left over espresso cake batter and coconut whipped cream…so we got to try it too….not an unhappy boy in the house 😉

Convention has never been our strong suite, particularly when it comes to holiday.  In fact, our traditional Christmas meal has been Thai food, (homemade)…Ryan and I want to make our own traditions…write our own rules.

Why do you have to eat ham?  We didn’t! we ate the best Turkey meatballs I’ve made to date!


Poured over roasted spaghetti squash


Adding broccoli on the side, perfection!


Bodhi was a great little eater tonight!


Trout, not so much.


Today I had my long run, rather then yesterday, (which is my typical long run day).  I listened to another Running on Om and am excited to talk about it tomorrow as well as my thoughts/opinions.  I love listening to ROO.  I feel like I gain so much as a person and a runner….food for thought 😉

Hope you all had a happy Easter!  


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