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Sometimes it’s what you don’t do

Everyone is always pushing the message of “no pain no gain”, “sometimes you have to be tough in order to be stronger” or whatever message expresses that if you can’t push through your bodie’s threshold…then you might as well hang up your stuff…you don’t have what it takes.

I would like to say that, that is not always true….at least in my small town, stay-at-home mom, eternal optimist’s humble opinion.  Sometimes, it’s what you don’t do that makes you that much stronger, (I feel like I should be breaking out in a Kelly Clarkson song right about now 😉 ).

Case in point.  I’m sick. Yup, sick.  I could have taken some cold/flu medicine and “pushed through” the yuck.  I could have taken something just to get through my day as a mom…but I didn’t. I tried that method while I was running my last half marathon and that didn’t pan out too well.  I know when I need to call it quits for a bit and this moment was that.  Call it getting older, call it being “weak sauce”…but my body said it had a enough and I listened.

These last couple of days have given my body a chance to recover; which is so desperately needed.  What I didn’t realize was that it gave my boys a chance to recover too.  I forget that my boys are just as affected too.   While I’m busy being crazy runner mom my energy gets pretty maxed out, my hangry monster can take over close to meal time, and even though I plan my runs around their schedule…I can’t help but feel that they sense that life is a little off while I’m out chasing a dream of mine; not bad, not good….just is.

I feel like this idea of learning to not do, to take an inactive role goes along the same lines of the idea of learning to stand still and be perfectly content being just as you are right in that very moment.  I have moved several times and have found that as time goes on and with every move…It isn’t so much what I’m doing, where I’m living that defines me or my happiness…it really has come from within.  I always tell Ryan that if we can’t be happy here in ND we will never be happy anywhere….you just have to be okay being still anywhere…being okay being you.

There is nothing more real about being yourself than while being sick…so for these past couple of days I’ve had to sit in my skin without any distractions and just be…it hasn’t been fun, it isn’t awful…it just gave me a little bit of insight I seem to find when I’m down and out with something yucky.

Am I ready to just call it quits on running or life in general, heck no! I’m more then ready to jump back into doing the million and one things we do here in a day, ( when my body is raring to go).  However, I’m not dying inside because I’m not sticking to a routine….I thought I would be….but, I’m not.   In fact, I’m excited to see how my body responds when I do give it the TLC it needs! 

We did get out today…which from the staleness in our sick house alone…the breath of fresh air was needed.


Bodhi had his library trip!  He even got his first library card.  I tell you this boy has a way of making me mush….I don’t ever want him to change who he is! 


Proud library card holder with his new loot from the library; he was only able to check out three things for his first go around…he chose wisely; Curious George made the cut…George’s unplanned mischief really resonates with Beezer…I think he identifies with being curious about the world in ways that sometimes get you in trouble, (unintentionally of course)  😉


Bringing Trout out not the town while still sick is something to behold.  Trout, is downright grouchy when he is not feeling well…If his socks don’t feel quite right, they must come off! If his jacket bent his finger funny while putting a sleeve on, it must come off! If he is determined to walk the stone wall without mom’s help, walk he will! 


Ryan was home early from work tonight and we all were feeling froggy enough for a walk.  I’m not going to lie…we were blown away how riding the struggle bus for a couple of days can really set you back in the stamina department.


Trout loved us being less then spunky, he was able to walk & stop and gawk at every passing car…Normally we are on a mission, Ryan and I, trying to get Ryan some activity in for the day…today it was not the case; low and slow.


My nose isn’t quite as red anymore and my eyes don’t look nearly as sick…I think I’m making progress! The fresh air helped a lot too…I’m anxious for the weather to warm up so we can at least lay out on the hammock or on a blanket in the yard while we’re sick…being stuck inside gets old fast.

I will be over here continuing to embrace the slower paced lifestyle.  Tomorrow, I am hoping to feel even better and give a slow jog on the treadmill a try…only for a couple of miles…body willing….if it doesn’t work….back off and rest again.  






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