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Humble Pie

With less then 4 weeks until Boston I am sitting here barely able to breath out of nose while my chest aches with every inhalation….I get it universe, I’m not invincible!  

What should be a “pivotal” week in my training is turning out for me to be a reality check; I’m eating a big piece of humble pie.  I want to be able to complete my training runs, but if I don’t sit this one out…I’ll be doing a lot less running and a lot more being sick.

I hate to blame traveling, but sickness always seems to follow us during or after vacationing.  Traveling has always been a love-hate affair for me; I love taking some time off with the family and getting away from the every day….but stuff always seems to go awry when we do.  This trip Bodhi was sick while we were away, came back sicker, and then the rest of us joined him.  

Stress leaves us all so vulnerable.  Being a mother alone is a lot of stress on a woman’s body…add in training for a marathon, sleepless nights comforting your sick kiddo, driving 22 hours total alone with two kids, and life in general…I joke with Ryan that we have insurance for me…but sadly it’s true…this mama gets warn down fast.

My plan of action is to take a couple days off and then re-evaluate how I’m feeling.  If I am starting to feel better…I still plan on taking it slow for the rest of the week…I really don’t want to push my luck.


my boys snuggling in a pile of blankets that they grabbed to make a fort with..apparently snuggling was a better idea 🙂

This leads me to another point I wanted to make today….It’s okay if you let your child have a netflix marathon for a couple of days while you lay in bed battling a super bug..chances are, if they’re like my son, they will be so over watching netflix that they’ll be begging you to go to the library; no joke! tomorrow if I’m better, (according to Bodhi’s standards) we are supposed to go to the library and see if he can get his own card and check books out under it.  

I’m hoping we can all be on the mend soon! I don’t think we’re alone…while I was at the doctor’s office it was pretty obvious the “crud” is going around.  

I’m sad that I am having to take time off at such an important part in my training, but I have complete faith that up until this point I have done my best and one week (potentially) off is not going to make or break my chances of doing well at Boston.  Must be kind to my body! it’s the only one I’ve got!

I’ll leave you with something that made Bodhi, Trout, and me all laugh when we were watching Jimmy Fallon on youtube.  It’s a great reminder that laughter is the best medicine.



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