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Run Nelly Run

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I can’t believe I am writing a post about this; however, like everything else in life…there is a season.  Running brings a lot of joy in my life, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t bring some heart ache as well.

I have been in “training” of some kind since last spring when I was preparing to run in Grandma’s Marathon.  Training has been tough, but fun.  I have felt a complete spectrum of emotions all thanks to training for a marathon for almost a year now, (Kara Goucher and all you other amazing ladies…how do you do it?!)

These last couple of months have been great, but lately I have been feeling disenchanted…burnt-out.  I don’t know wether that has to do with the fact that I am fighting bronchitis right now as well as everyone else in my household, I just got back from “vacation” which usually leaves me tired for a week or so after, …or that I’ve hit a “wall” figuratively speaking and it’s something I’ve got to push past and find my joy with running again.

Running itself isn’t the culprit…I think it’s the fact that I’m just tired, feeling frustrated by the lack of control with life lately, and the loneliness of training at times being palpable….I see others running races together (dang you social media) and my friends here going off on running adventures in another state and I’m whiney and  jealous, (spoiled alert).

There have been a couple of other things that have been bothering me; one of which is the weather….I love me some cold and snow, but running every weekend in it for miles at a time…it starts to ware on your moral.  The extreme variances have been awful too.  Your body is trying to constantly adjust; but the constant extremes puts your body and health at a disadvantage…I don’t think my family has ever all gotten sick at the same time except for this year…it’s awful.

My other complaint or sore spot in the world of running is the emphasis on the almighty PR. I will admit, it’s partly because you work so hard towards one only to get grouchy when it doesn’t happen…but, truthfully…I’m just tired of that initial being in the spot light….if I am running only to accomplish setting a personal best….I am forgetting that the true joy lies in the journey.

Blah! yuck, and a whole bunch more of grumpiness… really is no fun being in a running funk along side being sick….hopefully you all aren’t as disenchanted with me as I am with myself and my attitude…..please running Gods…shed some positivity on this funk!  

If you’ve been struggling too….know, the cheese doesn’t stand alone…I’ve got your back and I’m all ears if you’re needing to vent about such atrocities 🙂

While I’m trying to work through my “wall” I have been working through my training one day at a time.  

Today was about taking in some easy miles.  

Ryan wanted to take the boys out fishing…so he dropped me off miles away from the lake and I ran there to meet them.


bless you Hoka One One and making an awesome shoe…23 miles yesterday and not a sore leg in site today!


This is what running in ND looks like


In case you thought it only looked that way from the front view…here’s where I came from 😉


A hill!  I was worried about this bugger today…it looks unassuming…but with a cough that would make most back 10 feet away from me by the gruesome sound alone…I was nervous.


Victory!  I took this photo and then proceeded to hack up a lung…silly girl!


Minus the mountains…this place reminded me of Wyoming where we used to live! the dots far away are my boys fishing!


Here are my sweet boys! it was cold and windy out there so fishing lasted about 10 minutes and then we wrapped it up and went back home where I slept in bed for the majority of the day; Ryan, I don’t know what I would do without your help!

I really don’t want to rain on anyone else parade so for those who have been doing awesome, on that running high I’m thankful to feel most of the time….please ignore or wipe this post from memory…you’re awesome and I’m just a huge party pooper.  

Thank you Sara over at the running wife!  I read her blog on a regular basis and she too shared her struggle with feeling blah about running lately in conjunction with Boston training….I appreciate your willingness to share and help the rest of us realize that what we’re feeling is totally normal.




  • Chris F says:

    Your honesty is refreshing. Putting the words out there should help you climb up and out of this blech; moving you mentally back where you want to be. Face the Ick, recognize the uncomfortable, squirmy thoughts, and move right through it one foot after the other.

    • Danielle says:

      Thank You Chris! I think it’s normal to go through the blech sometimes…otherwise the good wouldn’t truly feel good 😉

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