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Run to the Pub Race Recap


I’m finally writing my race recap.  I wanted to post it along with photos…but I feel like if I wait for photos to go up on the web…I might forget what happened or forget to write about it at all.

I feel like I have to preface by saying that leading up to the race was less than desirable.

Bodhi, Trout, and I left a week before the half to head over to Montana, (where the race would be held).  On our way there we ran into some not so fun traveling blunders.  Trout, while I was driving over a dam, (making it so that I wasn’t able to stop and pull over) decided to projectile vomit.  The dogs found this quite exciting and pushed a button in the back of my vehicle proceeding to fold all of the seats up with them and our luggage in it.

Thankfully after he got whatever it was out of his system…he passed out for 5 hours and wasn’t sick after that.  However, Bodhi, at hour 10 with 2 hours left to go…decided it was his time to get sick and I was faced with another puking child…this trip was less than fun.  Between the stale vomit smell and two boys who were over the whole traveling bit…I showed up feeling worse for ware.

If that weren’t enough, the next day I was in my mom’s kitchen and was hit with stomach pain that literally had me folded over in half….a call to the doctor later and lots of figuring out what was going on…I was left feeling worn down and defeated…how could the week get any worse, right?!

Thankfully, I have a wonderful mom who took very good care of me.  Thankfully, my boys didn’t have any more stomach issues for the rest of the trip, and thankfully my stomach issues subsided…but I learned that I was severely anemic from the whole ordeal so I just wasn’t in a half marathon running mood.

Friday arrived and I picked up my packet.  Normally I am ecstatic, nervous, anxious, but mostly really happy that I am about to run a race, (no expectations just finish with a smile).

This time was different.  I felt anxious, nervous, worried, fearful….I wanted so badly to do well with all the hard work I have put into training and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to live up to my potential.

Sarah, my guardian angel in the world of running, checked in with me and gave me the best pep talk a girl could ask for.  She assured me that with all the stuff that had happened that week…I was only expected to be kind to myself and have fun….Sarah, you are the best! thank you!

Brittney, my other running bud, was also incredibly sweet and made sure to text me the morning of to let me know that I was going to do great; what would I do without my girls!

Originally, the half marathon was to help see where I was at in my training and to help my coach give me a more accurate race pace for Boston.  However, with all that I had stacked against me…we both agreed that I needed to take it easy.

The race started later; 9:45 am.  I ran my prescribed 2 mile warm up and nibbled on a Picky Bar about 30 minutes before we started.

I looked around and saw that this race had a mix of people; some were dressed up for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities and then there were the “serious looking” runners that I knew were out for a fast run.

I didn’t know what to expect with the course.  I was told that it was similar to the Bozeman Half marathon that I ran the fall before and did really well on that course…this had one very small portion that was similar, but that was it.

The first 4 miles were uphill.  The caveat of it all…we were running in a headwind.  I remember in my head already thinking….this sucks! I looked down at my watch and saw that no-one was pushing faster then a 6:30 pace…it was tough.

Thankfully, we hit a turn and the wind was no longer pushing us back…the uphill climb had turned into a gradual downhill and it felt good, (well not good…I was tired already…but it was better).

I was starting to settle into my pace….I had a long stretch of road and very few in front and behind…I always seem to end up alone on race day.

I was getting excited when we were turning and heading in towards town toward mile 9 when something horrible happened….They were starting the 10K racers!

I was completely horrified when I was met head-on by a wall of thousands of runners hitting the road in front of me.  I spent the next 3 miles or so just trying to weave in and out of the crowd.  I spent a lot of the time in the ditch just trying to pass the 10K crowd.

A fellow half marathoner in front of me became so discouraged by the hold-up that he said F-it and gave up….I wanted to join him, but I didn’t…I had to do this….I knew that there was no PR in site…but I was not going to back down from a challenge.

Needless to say…between fighting the crowds and losing momentum from that as well as climbing a larger hill at the end…I was super pooped and ready to be done at the finish line.

I was met by my sister-in-law, Val, who hugged me as I collapsed in her arms and swore I would never run a half marathon again…yup, it was that kind of race.

That in a nutshell, is race day recap.

My thoughts:

  • One bad day or bad race does not define you as a runner….I had to really honor that and realize that, that race just wasn’t mine to own.
  • In spite of the hurdles I faced…I did a great job and should be nothing but proud of my accomplishments…I still finished as one of the top female finishers and I would never want to diminish anyone else efforts….that is not an ego I would ever want to carry around as a runner!
  • Had I not had the 10K start debacle…I would have had my first negative split race! this was a huge goal of mine
  • Running a race at a hard effort is painful….it’s not meant to be fun, easy-breezy, or pleasant…this was a great reminder of that
  • This race probably wasn’t a great race to try to PR at or even attempt to gage my training progress with…it was meant to be a “run to the pub” fun and un-pretensious.
  • I do better with my family around for support.  My sister and her family were gone for spring break, my nephew had nap time during my race time, my mom took the boys to the museum to try to tucker them out before our drive back, (which I did immediately after the race), and Ryan wasn’t able to come…I was running the race without my “team” I missed them!  


Life rarely slows down in my world long enough for me to have a true pity party…so moving on I must…My days since have been spent taking care of sick kids as well as feeling less then hot myself…when it rains it pours….let’s get it out of our systems now 😉


out for the count


Essential oils are running in our diffuser round the clock….


I’m practicing resiliency, bouncing back from a bad run is critical especially with less then a month to go until Boston.

Resiliency at it’s finest: 23 miles done! Not without lots of help and company from my two favorite runner friends and some very bossy birds 😉


cold and early….we meet again!


every where I turned there were hissing/honking geese!

Happy racing to all this weekend! congratulations to those who met their goals head on and congratulations to those who didn’t have the “perfect” race, but still finished with everything they had!






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