Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Making it up as I go

Training, homeschooling, pretty much everything in my life with two little people is a “make it up as I go” affair.

With 33 days until Boston…I am finally realizing/accepting that my training involves a lot of random happenings and all I can do is believe that at the end of the day it all adds up and will allow me to finish strong come race day.

Last week I was spoiled by my mom’s help and having every run outdoors.

Being back means running looks a lot more like this again


It is not ideal…but it’s what I have to work with.  


The boys are sure glad to be back home.  They love visiting family, but always seem a little “off”…they are in full force with their usual antics…if you’re wondering why it looks like there’s a tanning bed running in the background…it’s our lettuce growing…forgot to shut the door so the lighting wasn’t so crazy…it’s funny what you don’t notice after a while 😉


I had to post this photo….I was blown away by how long Trout’s legs have gotten! He has been eating like a high school football player lately…I see now that his body was getting ready for a huge growth spurt! my boys will tower over me in no time.


Another great thing about being home is eating my usual food again.  I missed my lettuce! My sister and her husband said that they’ve never smelled lettuce that smelled so good.  I love love love eating greens

I’m also kind of a chocolate/peanut butter monster too…..


I made some “cookies” if you can call them that…I made my cacao peanut butter cookie recipe.   Instead of using all of the coconut sugar I replaced half of it with Vega Clean Protein.  The cookies turned out great!  I have been craving calorie-dense foods lately and these fit the bill…protein, cacao, peanut butter….could that ever be wrong?

 In leu of Saint Patties Day as well as my desire to never waste any part of food…I made up some random dishes tonight that consisted of the broken pieces in our lasagna noodle box, lemon, garlic, olive oil, broccoli stalks, asparagus, and left over applegate bacon.  It was weird, but surprisingly good…and most importantly GREEN!




I’m notorious for making something from nothing, making it up as I go! 😉


Happy Saint Pattie’s Day!

Speaking of flying at the seat of my pants…..

Trout has a bunch of train tracks that are from varying sets….today….we made a huge track using all of them! I was really impressed with Trout and me; not an easy feat!


Hope your day was filled with greatness, running, good food, and great company!



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